Susanna Francessca true story 5

This is a true story told to me by a friend of mine, who is no longer with us, but  who shot some stripping videos of Susanna. There’s a very sexy twist to the story at the end. This is what he told me:….

“Susanna wanted some stripping videos shot of her so she could sell them to her regular customers who photographed her. She knew of a studio not far away from hers that had several background sets, like a bed set, a barn set and others. We arranged that I would collect her in my car to drive there. The day before the video-shoot was arranged for,  she phoned me and asked if we could meet about 30 minutes early. 

She said ‘The photographer who owns the studio has asked me before if I would let him shoot a men’s magazine set for him. I’ve always said no but really, I do miss being published so I’m going to do it for him. On the day we’ve booked his studio for our video-shoot, he’s asked if we can get there a bit early so he can look through my portfolio and maybe have a look at my figure. Is that okay?’

I said ‘No problem. But are you really going to have to strip off for him?’ Susanna said ‘Well, maybe. I mean, you know what photographers are like, they use any excuse to get a girl naked in front of them. Anyway, as long as I get the job, I don’t mind stripping off for him’. 

So, on the day I collected her and drove her to the man’s studio. We got there and she introduced him to me. There was another man there too, much younger and very shy. The owner, Alan, introduced him as Gary, his new assistant. Alan said ‘Susanna, Gary is very new to this business and I’ve got a lot to teach him. Do you mind if he comes upstairs to the studio with us and learns about how a casting session is done?’

Susanna said ‘I don’t mind at all. In fact he can watch the video shoot, too, if he wants to. And of course you can, as well’. Alan said ‘I wish I could but I’ve got to go out for a meeting. I might be back in time to see the end of your video-shoot’. 

We all went up stairs. Gary, the young apprentice, was last, behind Susanna. She was wearing a little flared skirt, so I’m sure he had a good look up it at her legs and panties, as she walked up the stairs.

We got into this huge studio. At one end was a coffee table with two couches on either side. Susanna and I sat on one couch and Alan and Gary sat opposite us. 

Alan said ‘Okay Susanna, I’ve been asking for a while if you’ll do a men’s magazine photo-set for me. As you know I’ve been published many times in  most of the UK men’s mags and in some in Europe, too. So you’ve decided that you will work with me, have you?’

Susanna said ‘Yes, definitely. It’s been a while since I’ve been in any mags and I do miss it’.

Alan said ‘Excellent, let’s have a look at your portfolio, then’. Susanna handed it over. Alan opened it up and leafed through the first few pages. By Page 2 there were pictures of Susanna with her tits out  and by Page 3 she was naked. Young Gary looked at the pictures and went very, very red in the face, seeing the same girl who was sat opposite him totally naked in pictures. Alan turned over a few more pages and there were some pictures of Susanna from magazines that she’d been published in, legs spread wide open and her pussy on show. 

Alan said ‘The pictures are great, but there are two things that I have to ask, Susanna. The first is, some of these pictures are obviously from a couple of years ago. Is your figure about the same now as it was then?’ Susanna said ‘Yeah, pretty much. I thought you’d probably ask that. I’m perfectly happy to take my top and bra off here and now, if you want to look at me’.

Alan said ‘Yeah, that’s be a good idea. I’ll just take a few pictures, too, if that’s okay’.

Alan went to a cupboard and took out a camera and Susanna took her top off. She had on a really nice black bra. Susanna posed and pulled her bra down, then took it off. Poor Gary didn’t know where to look, but he kept having sneaky looks at Susanna’s bare breasts. Here are the pictures that Alan took, which he later sent to her. (Remember that bra - you’ll see it again soon)….

Alan looked at Susanna’s bare breasts and said ‘Yeah, you’re tits are lovely, even better than in your portfolio pictures’. 

Susanna said ‘That’s nice, I’m really glad you like them. You really think they look nice, do you?’ Alan had sat back in the seat and he looked at Susanna’s tits, as she stood with her back arched, thrusting them out towards him and Gary. He said ‘Beautiful, and your nipples get erect without you having to tweak them, too’. Susanna smiled and said ‘That’s ‘cos they like men seeing them. Anyway,  you said there were two things that you wanted to ask me, what was the other one?’ Alan said ‘Okay, in your pictures in your portfolio, your pussy hair isn’t completely shaved. The style of pictures has changed since then. Sorry, I’ve got to ask but, is your pussy still like that or do you shave it now?’

Susanna laughed and said ‘Yes that’s a fair question. Let me show you. I mean, you’re going to see it when we do the photo-shoot anyway’. She was still standing and she moved a bit closer to him. Susanna put her hands behind her back, undid the waist of her skirt and started to pull it down. As she did, so hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her black panties and pulled it all down to her ankles as stepped out of them. She stood there in front of Alan and Gary, naked apart from her high-heels and moved her legs apart a bit. She said ‘See, I’ve shaved the lips and there’s just a triangle of hair above them’

Alan looked at Susanna’s pussy. Since he was sat down, he had a good, clear look at her pussy lips. But he said ‘Just move your legs apart a bit more’. Susanna did and now Alan and Gary were having a really good look at her shaved pussy lips. If Gary had looked embarrassed and red in the face before, it was 10 times worse now. I suspect it was the first time he’d seen any girl’s pussy in real life, and there was Susanna, who he’d only met 10 minutes before, standing there naked in front of him with her legs apart. Susanna said ‘Do I look okay there? Can you see it okay?’ 

Alan said ‘Yeah, look, just so that I know you’ll spread your legs on the day, just sit down and open your legs a bit wider’. Susanna sat down, right on the front edge of the sofa and moved her knees apart. She said ‘There you are. That’s what you want to see, isn’t it’. She was smiling and not minding at all showing her pussy off to them. 

Alan said ‘That’s perfect and I hope you didn’t mind me asking, but these days girls have to spread their pussy lips open. Are you okay about doing that?’. Susanna said ‘That’s fine.  I used to do poses like that. I haven’t for a while, but it’s not a problem at all.  I’m looking forward to it and I’ll show you whatever you want to see, but you’ve had a good look at me, do you think my body is nice’. 

Alan looked up and down Susanna’s body, from her face, to her tits, then down at her pussy and then her legs and said ‘You look amazing and you’ve got such a sexy body. Okay, I’ve got to go out for my meeting now. I’ll be about 45 minutes. If you don’t mind, if Gary could stay and watch at least some of the video shoot so he gets to know how they are done, that would be good’.

Susanna said ‘Well, he’s already seen me naked, so it'll just be me stripping off again. Yes, no problem at all’.

Alan left. I said to Susanna, ‘Was that okay? You didn’t mind stripping off for him?’ Susanna smiled and said ‘Yeah, that was okay. A model has to show her figure off to photographers to get jobs. Anyway, he said that he liked looking at my body, so I didn’t mind at all getting naked in front of him. And he’s going to see a lot more of me between my legs next week’. I said ‘Okay, you know, the black bra and panties that you were wearing would look great for the first video. Maybe some black stockings, too?’

Susanna nodded, gathered up her clothes and went into the changing room. Gary looked so, so embarrassed. I set up the video lights in front of a bed set. Susanna came out of the changing room, got on the bed and started to strip, as I videod her. 

I’d asked Gary to stand over to the left side of the bed, out of camera-shot. Susanna took her bra and panties off, then she spread her legs apart, right towards where Gary was standing. Well, that was too much for poor Gary. Suddenly he clutched the front of his jeans, gasped loudly and ran out of the room. 

Susanna stopped posing and said ‘What just happened?’ Then she laughed and said ‘Oh no, I know what happened. He saw me spread my legs and from where he was standing, he would have had a good look at me right between my legs. He just, really, I think he just ejaculated in his pants’.

I laughed and said ‘I think you’re right. Are you okay about that?’

Susanna said ‘Yeah, I’m fine. That’s so funny. I think that’s a first for me. Okay, a lot of photographers get erections, but no one has ever ejaculated in their pants before. Wow!!!’

I re-wound the video tape and we shot the video of Susanna on the bed set again. Then we shot one in the army set, then just as we started one in the barn set, Alan came back. He came in quietly and stood watching Susanna stripping off naked for the video. There’s one bit where she bends over and shows us her pussy lips and she told me later that she liked doing that. 

At the end I turned the video camera off and said ‘I think Susanna broke your apprentice, Gary’. Susanna giggled and said ‘Yes I think I did’. Alan looked puzzled and said ‘What do you mean?’

Susanna said ‘He was watching the first video we did, over on the bed over there. I opened my legs and he would have seen me between them really clearly. He suddenly rushed out of the studio. I think the sight of me made him ejaculate in his pants’.

Alan said ‘Oh no, surely not. There’s no sign of him downstairs, so I don’t know where he’s gone. I’m so sorry. I really apologise if that’s what’s happened’.

Susanna just laughed. She said ‘It was so funny. I suppose in a way it’s a compliment that I got him that excited’. 

Anyway, we’d finished the vidoe-shoot, so I paid Alan for the hire of his studio and we left. And yes, Susanna did go back the following week and Alan shot the men’s magazine set of her. And, also yes, no one has heard from Gary.

About 4 or 5 months later I met Susanna again, at her studio. I asked her about how the photo-shoot went with Alan and if the pictures had been published yet. She looked a bit embarrassed, but eventually said ‘Well, it went fine, but he talked me into some poses that I’m not too proud of. Oh well, I might as well show you the magazine’ and she went to a drawer and found it. She said ‘You look at it please and tell me what you think. I’m showing such a lot’. 

I looked through the magazine, and wow, there was Susanna in all her glory, legs spread so, so wide apart. And so were her pussy lips, really open, with all of her pink bits on show. I said ‘You look lovely. In fact you look amazing.  Okay, you are showing a lot, but the pictures are excellent. You look fantastic’. She said ‘Do you really think so? That makes me a lot happier if you think they are okay. The trouble is, most amateur photographers who book me here have seen the magazine and now they all want poses like those’. 

I said ‘Well, you could charge them double your normal rates’. Susanna said ‘Actually that’s a good idea. If they are going to see that much of me, then they’re going to have to pay for it’.

I don’t know if Susanna did pose for other photographers showing them that much, but she wasn’t usually shy about spreading her legs wide, so I expect that she did.

But, I did meet Alan again a few months later when I booked his studio with another model. He said ‘Hey, that girl Susanna that you brought here, she made me a lot of money in the UK and in the German porn market’. He laughed and said ‘What a girl. Not at all shy about spreading her pussy for a bit of money, is she’. 

I don’t know how much more she showed for the German market, but generally they want stronger pictures that the British men’s magazine market does. 

Here’s the video that was being shot when Gary - well, shot his load - looking at Susanna’s body…….. Yes, the audio was added later…..

Susanna Francessca stripping

60Mb, 5 mins 50 secs.