Susanna Francessca true story 2

Susanna Francessca shows her body off to strangers

Here is r really sexy true story about British glamour model Susanna Francessca. This story was sent to me by a friend of a friend…..

“I’d photographed Susanna a few times at her studio in Warwick (England, UK), but this time I wanted some pictures of her outdoors. I discussed it with her and she told me that having a background of Warwick Castle was one of her favourite places, but that if she was going to get naked there, it would have to be very early on a Sunday morning, well before other people got to the area. I confirmed the booking and we agreed a price for an open-leg men’s magazine type of photo-shoot. She said that if any other people came around, there was a wood with thousands of trees where we could continue the photo-shoot in private.

I was really looking forward to the day and eventually it came. I drove there and met Susanna in the car park. We walked for a while and then there was a great view from the top of a hill, with Warwick Castle in the background. Susanna was wearing a tiny dress, but it was the middle of summer so plenty warm enough. It was really early in the day so there wasn’t anyone else around.

I took a few pictures of Susanna in her dress. The background of Warwick Castle was incredible and Susanna looked so sexy.

After about 5 or 6 pictures, Susanna slipped the shoulder straps of her dress down and showed my and my camera her pretty breasts. After another couple of pictures, she pulled the dress right down to her waist and I got some great pictures of her bare breasts. She squeezed her tits together with her arms, then cupped her hands under her tits. It was still a little bit cold and her nipples were really hard. Her tits looked amazing.

I said ‘You look as though you’re enjoying this’. Susanna said ‘Oh, this is lovely. It’s great to get topless out in the open air, with such a lovely backdrop of the castle. I’m really loving this. I’ll take my dress off, as soon as you want me to. Just tell me when’.

I took a couple more pictures of Susanna and her lovely bare tits, but then I noticed some movement behind her, at the bottom of the hill. I looked and said ‘Susanna, you might want to cover your breast up. There are a couple of guys walking up the hill, behind you’.

Susanna turned and looked at the men. She said ‘Oh, it’s okay for now. It’ll be a couple of minutes before they get near. As soon as they do, I’ll cover my boobs up, but it’s okay for now. I’ll listen out for them and when they get really near, I’ll cover up’.

Well, I thought that she was risking it a bit, but she didn’t seem to care at all. Her dress was still right round her waist and in the early-morning cool air, her tits looked fantastic, so I continued to take pictures of her, topless. The guys must have noticed that this vision of loveliness had her tits out as they walked up, one either side of her. At the last possible moment, before they saw her tits, she pulled the top of her dress up and, well, sort of balanced it just on her tits, so her nipples were just covered.

The guys walked up either side of her and stood near me, looking at Susanna. One of them said ‘Ahhh, that’s a shame, girl, we were hoping to see your tits’. Susanna just looked at him and smiled. The other guy said ‘Hey girl, are you a professional model?’ Susanna said ‘Yeah, I am. Why?’ The guy said ‘Well, if you’re a professional model, then hundreds of guys have seen your tits. So, what about you showing them to two more guys?’

Susanna had a big smile on her face. I think that secretly, she had been hoping for something like this to happen.

She said ‘Seriously guys, you are really, seriously asking me to show you my boobs? Really, you want to me to show my boobs to two complete strangers?’

They knew that she was teasing them. The first guy said ‘Oh, go on girl, let’s have a look at them’.

Susanna laughed and said ‘Okay then. If you want to see them that much, here they are then’. She looked down and shook her shoulders a bit. Well, the top of her dress, just balanced on her nipples, fell right down to her wait. She caught it there, before it could fall any further.

I looked at the guys, as Susanna did, too. They were just staring at Susanna’s tits. Susanna was smiling. One of the guys said ‘Oh, lovely tits, girl. Really lovely’. The other guy said ‘Hell, girl, your nipples are so erect’. Susanna laughed and said ‘Well, they probably are erect. I mean, you are two men that I only just met about 30 seconds ago and you are both staring at my bare boobs and my nipples, so, yes, they would be erect. That’s quite thrilling for any girl’.

Susanna looked back and forth to the two guy’s faces, as they had a good look at her tits, then said to me ‘Okay, lets carry on with the photo-shoot, shall we’. I quickly stood back a couple of paces and turned the zoom lens so it was more wide-angle. I got a couple of pictures of Susanna, topless, with the two guys, one on either side, looking at her tits.

Then I said ‘I think it’s time you took your dress off, now, Susanna’. Having those two guys see Susanna’s tits was quite arousing for me. I wanted them to see a lot more of her body, but I didn’t know how Susanna would react. She didn’t disappoint, at all.

She didn’t even hesitate. She said ‘Okay, guys, as you are just about to see, I’m not wearing much under my dress’. As she said that, she stopped holding her dress at her waist. She shook her hips a bit and her dress fell right down to her feet. Underneath, well, all she was wearing was black stockings, a tiny black suspender belt and her high-heel shoes, with no panties. There was a pretty triangle of shaved pubic hair and below that, clearly on show to us, were her completely shaved pussy lips.

Susanna was standing with her legs a bit apart, so it was all on show to us. One of the guys said ‘Hell, girl, that’s one pretty pussy you’ve got there’. Susanna said ‘Well, once a man has seen a girl’s boobs, that’s what they want to see next, isn’t it. Anyway, I’m glad you like it’.

The other guy said ‘That’s so pretty. When I came out today, I didn’t expect to see one of those. That’s so, so pretty’. Susanna said ‘Well, if you’ve got the time to watch for a few minutes longer, I’m being paid to spread my legs wide, so you could see a lot more of me, if you want to’.

It was obvious that Susanna was enjoying the attention she was getting from the two men and that she wanted to spread her legs for them to see her.

I took a couple of pictures of Susanna with some glimpses of her pussy lips. Then I said ‘Susanna, can you sit down on the grass now, please?’ Susanna looked around and said ‘There’s no one else watching is there. I mean, sometimes families come up here early on a Sunday morning. I don’t mind you seeing me showing  everything, but as long as there aren’t other people here’. We looked around to make sure we were on our own. It was okay.

As Susanna lowered herself to sit on the grass, the two guys got a good look at the full length of her pussy crack, with her shaved pussy lips. One of them said ‘Hey girl, those are really pretty pussy lips you've got there. Susanna said ‘You like what I’m showing, do you?’.

Okay, I’d photographed Susanna before in open-leg men’s magazine poses, but there was something really arousing for me, with two guys watching, so I said ‘Okay Susanna, I’m paying you for you to spread your legs wide, so, come on, show it to us’. Susanna didn’t hesitate, she smiled and spread her legs wide apart. She was really enjoying showing it all off to the three of us.

I got some great pictures of Susanna’s bare tits and pussy with her legs spread really wide open. Then I said ‘Susanna, can you open your legs as wide as you can please?’

I think she knew what was going to happen, but she spread her legs really, really wide apart. As she did, her pussy lips opened up a bit and she gave us a look at her pink inner flaps. She said ‘Ohh, I think I’m showing a lot, aren’t I’, realising that her lips had opened a bit. One of the guys said ‘Hell, girl, you definitely are showing a lot. It’s so pretty’.

Susanna said ‘That’s okay. As long as you think it looks pretty, I don’t mind you seeing me there’. I quickly took some pictures and zoomed the lens in to get a great close look at her pink inner flaps.

I’d asked her before if she would spread her pussy during previous photo-shoots. She told me that she’d done that in the past, but she didn’t do it any more. But, here and now, I thought that she was enjoying showing it, so I wondered if she’d open it up a bit for us. I was just about to ask, but one of the guys said ‘You look so pretty there. What about you showing us a bit more of it. Go on, you know you want to’.

Susanna said ‘Oh, I don’t know. I mean, I’m showing you a lot already. But, well, I am having fun and I feel like, well, actually, I’d like to show you. Look, just turn away for a moment, the three of you, just turn your heads and look over there. I’ll tell you when you can look at me again’.

We turned away. After a few seconds Susanna said ‘Okay boys, you can look at me now’. We turned and looked at her. What she must have done was to put the fingers of each hand either side of her pussy and pulled her lips apart. They’d stayed open and now her inner-flaps and her pussy-hole were on show for us.

I quickly took some close-up pictures of it. Wow, Susanna’s pussy hole was on show, after telling me that she never showed that much any more. The two guys just couldn’t believe what she was showing them. One of them said ‘Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah’. The other one said ‘Well, girl, you certainly aren’t shy, are you. I mean, that’s one pretty pussy hole you’ve got there’.

Susanna smiled and said ‘I’m just showing you what you wanted to see, aren’t I’. 

I said ‘Susanna, lay back on the grass then lift your legs up in the air and spread them wide, please’. She did and, if anything, her pussy lips opened up even more. She said ‘There you are, boys, that’s one final look at it’, but she stayed spread like that and let them look, and for me to take pictures of it, nicely open with her pink flaps on show.

Well, that was the end of the photo-shoot. Susanna got dressed and the two guys left, very happy.

As we walked back to the car, Susanna was just really happy. She said ‘That was such fun. I showed them everything and you know, what’s really funny, is that neither of them even asked me my name. They just saw a girl getting naked and didn’t even ask my name. I haven’t shown that much for a long time, but it was so much fun showing it to them. You know, they’ll probably be having sex with their girlfriends tonight, but it will be my body they’ll be thinking about’.

Okay, so some of you reading this might not believe that such a lovely girl would ever hold her pussy open in front of guys. Well, here’s a video where she did exactly that. Enjoy, guys….  12Mb, 1 min and 12 seconds of pure sexiness…..