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 This is the true story about this photo-shoot, along with the pictures and videos from it. The photographer told me….

“I’d arranged to photograph Susanna at a friend’s place. He, Jeff, had quite a large property and some great old cars. I collected Susanna in my car and we drove to Jeff’s house. On the way there, I asked her if she would mind Jeff watching the photo-shoot. She laughed and said ‘Oh I hope he does. I mean, he’s letting us use his place and his cars for free, isn’t he, so I’ve got to show him my boobs, and maybe a lot more. I feel in the mood to show myself off today, so who knows how much of me he’ll see.  I’ll put on a good show for him, definitely’. 

We arrived at Jeff’s place which was way out in the country. There was a lot of land there and Jeff had a Porch and a Rolls Royce. He showed Susanna into his house to a room where she could change into her modelling clothes. Jeff said to me ‘Are you sure Susanna won’t mind me watching?’ I said ‘If you don’t watch, she’ll be really disappointed. Just enjoy yourself. She expects you to look at her body’. 

I expected her to come out wearing a dress or something, but out she walked in this outfit…..

Jeff couldn’t take his eyes off Susanna’s body. He said ‘Oh that’s lovely Susanna. I love red fishnet stockings’. Susanna started to pose with Jeff’s Porche. After a few pictures, Susanna said ‘I’d better take my bra off now. Jeff has been stood there waiting patiently to see my boobs’. She reached behind her back to undo her bra strap, but struggled to get it undone. 

Then she moved to stand near Jeff with her back to him and said ‘Give me a hand with it, please Jeff, I’m sure you’ve had a lot of experience taking girls’ bras off’. Jeff reached out to Susanna’s bra strap, his hands shaking. He got the clasp undone but before he could step back Susanna turned quickly to face him and said ‘Go on then, take it off me’.

Now Jeff’s hands were shaking even more but he reached up to Susanna’s bra shoulder-straps and pulled the bra off her. As he did, his eyes went straight to look at her tits. He said ‘Oh wow, Susanna, those are really, really pretty’. Susanna smiled and said ‘That’s nice, I’m glad you like them’. 

She stood there, right in front of him for a few seconds as his eyes stared at her tits, then went back to the car, opened the door and sat in it. This is one of the pictures i took of Susanna showing off her tits in Jeff’s car.

Then Susanna said ‘It’s too hot wearing these stockings. I’m going to change into something cooler’ and she walked back into Jeff’s house. 

Jeff looked at me and said ‘I couldn’t believe she got me to take her bra off. Then she just stood there and showed her tits off, right in front of me’. I said ‘Yeah, she’s a real exhibitionist, isn’t she. She loves guys seeing her naked’.

A moment later Susanna walked out of Jeff’s house. All she had on was a tiny white g-string and white high-heel shoes. Jeff’s house was separated from the grounds by some steep steps. As Susanna walked down them, her bare breasts jiggled around. She looked down and realised they were bouncing around but didn’t cover them up. As she walked to the car she said ‘There you are boys, did you like that little show I put on for you, jiggling my boobies?’ 

Jeff said ‘I love seeing a girl’s boobs bounce around, hell, yeah that was lovely’. 

Susanna posed in and around Jeff’s car. Here are a few pictures that I took of her…..

Then Susanna said ‘I think it’s time to get naked’ and she pulled her g-string down and stepped out of it. She was facing us and didn’t mind at all that our eyes went straight to her pussy, nicely trimmed into a small triangle as it was. 

Here’s a picture I took of her, again with Jeff’s car.

After a few more naked pictures, Susanna said to me ‘We talked about me doing some men’s magazine poses. I want to do some now’. Well, we hadn’t talked about that at all, but I guess Susanna was enjoying Jeff looking at her body and wanted to show him her pussy.

She sat down on the grass by the car and opened her legs wide. Jeff said ‘Oh, just look at that. You look really pretty there between your legs, Susanna’. Susanna said ‘I thought you might like to have a look at it, Jeff’.

She got into such revealing poses, letting Jeff see every inch of her body. One time she spread her legs really wide apart and her pussy lips came open a bit and we could see her pink inner-flaps poking out. She must have realised, because she said ‘Umm, I think i’m showing a lot, aren’t I? Oh I don’t care how much I show’, and she opened her legs even wider. Now her pink bits were really showing. She said ‘There you are Jeff, that’s what you wanted me to show, isn’t it?’ 

Jeff said ‘That’s so beautiful’. 

After a few more pictures I said ‘Well, I think that’s it Susanna. I’ve got some great pictures’. Susanna looked a bit disappointed and then Jeff said ‘Susanna, if you aren’t in a hurry, well, if you don’t mind, I bought a new video camera last week. Would you do a quick strip video for me with one of my other cars? I’ll pay you of course’.

Susanna said ‘Oh yeah, I’d love to do that’. She went back indoors and changed into a lovely outfit while Jeff got his camera. This is the video that he shot of Susanna…..

outdoor strip

23mb, 2:15 mins

After the video, Jeff and Susanna were talking and I heard her say ‘That was really fun. It’s a shame that I didn’t have more guys watching, though, I always like an audience when I do strip videos’. Jeff thought for a moment then said ‘Actually just about now, my fiends who live locally are probably just finishing up in the bar down the road. If you wanted to do another video, I could call them up and they’d be here in a few minutes’.

Susanna said ‘Oh yes, yes please. Get them here. I’ll tell you what, you liked that outfit that I had on earlier, the red fishnets and red bra and g-string, didn’t you. I’ll put that back on and strip out of that for them’. 

Jeff phoned one of his friends and within 5 minutes they’d arrived, about 9 or 10 of them, very noisy and rowdy. Jeff set his video camera up inside the house and Susanna came out of the room she’d been changing in, wearing the same outfit as she had on at the start of the photo-shoot, but with a red dress on top this time.

Here’s the video that Jeff shot of Susanna stripping for his friends…..

stripping for Jeff’s friends

70mb, 7:01 mins

After Susanna had stripped in front of Jeff’s friends, she just stood naked, apart from her red fishnet stockings and high-heel shoes, just talking to them, not caring at all that their eyes were still going up and down her body, getting close looks at her tits and pussy. 

I saw a couple of guys squatting down in front of her, pretending to re-tie their shoelaces, but really looking up at Susanna’s pussy lips between her legs. She noticed them but didn’t even close her legs, letting them have a good look at her pussy. 

After the guys had all left, I drove Susanna home. She seemed so happy. I said ‘You really enjoyed today, didn’t you’. She said ‘Oh hell, yes. That was one of the best photo-shoot days that I’ve ever had. You know that I like having someone else there, watching as I pose, and Jeff, well, he’s a good looking guy, isn’t he, and it was great fun to show my figure off to him. I mean, yeah, I could have undone my bra, but it was so much fun to get him to undo it, then to take it off me’. 

I said ‘You know, when he did that, I thought he was going to grab hold of your boobs’. 

Susanna said ‘Yeah, I thought he was going to as well. I was sort of disappointed that he didn’t have a grab at them’. 

I said ‘Really? If he had tried to, what would you have done?’ Susanna said ‘Well, I was almost asking him to in a way, wasn’t I. If he had, well, I’d have let him have a feel of them for a few seconds, or maybe a bit longer. I mean, I was flaunting them right in front of him, wasn’t I. I felt so sexy with him seeing my boobs right up close to him’. 

I said ‘And what was that about us discussing you doing some legs-spread poses. I don’t remember that conversation’. Susanna giggled and said ‘Well, yeah, we didn’t talk about it, but I just felt like showing Jeff my bits between my legs. It was lovely seeing his eyes go right there, when I opened my legs wide’. Then she went a bit quiet for a moment, then said ‘Will you tell me, did I come open there just a bit, or, well, quite a bit? I mean, I don’t mind. I liked showing it to him. Just tell me how much he saw’. I said ‘Yeah, you did come open a lot. I mean, your clitoris, all of your inner-flaps were on show and maybe just a little glimpse of the entrance to your hole’. 

Susanna surprised me. She said ‘Good, I wanted to show him that much. You will send him all of the pictures, won’t you. And tell him to show his friends, as well. I hoped he could see that much of me. I  said when we were driving to Jeff’s place that I felt like showing myself off today and once I’d given him a really close look at my boobs, I just knew I was going to spread my legs for him to see me’. 

I said ‘Just before Jeff shot the video of you stripping in front of his friends, did I hear you telling them to all stand off to one side of the sofa?’ Susanna gave a naughty smile and said ‘Yes, that was me. I’d already planned to sit back down on it once I’d taken my g-string off and open my legs, so that’s where they’d have the best look at me’.

I said ‘And didn’t I see you handing out your modelling card. Did you get any bookings?’ Susanna said ‘Yes, that’s one of the reasons I was standing around with the men after I’d stripped for them. They’re going to ring me to confirm the booking and to decide a day, but there are 3 or 4 of them who want to do a group photo-shoot with me. They want men’s magazine pictures, so I’ll have to open my legs wider for them, than I did during the strip. That’ll be fun, they are all good-looking guys’.

I said ‘You said that was one reason why you were standing around with them. What’s the other?’ Susanna laughed and said ‘Because I like being naked in front of men. It was lovely. They kept looking down at my boobs all the time and they were all really close to me’.

Then Susanna said ‘You know when I walked down the steps from his place, when I was topless, and you both saw my boobs jiggling around? Well, I could see how much he liked that, so when he showed me back to the room that I changed in, just before I did a strip for his friends, I did a quick boob-jiggling video for him. That was really fun. And then to strip naked in front of his friends, that was so, so much fun. I mean, what was there, maybe 10 or 12 guys, stood really close to me as I stripped off and opened my legs for them. Hell that was fantastic. I know that I’m a naughty exhibitionist, but I just love men looking at me all over my body. Ohhh, I loved that, getting naked in front of them all’. 

So, that’s what happened on the day of the photo-shoot. A few days later Jeff sent me copies of the three videos that he’d taken of her. Here’s the boob jiggling one…..”

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susanna titty bounce

4mb, 0:25 mins