British glamour model Susanna Francessca

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These pictures above are published with the kind agreement of SC, the original photographer, who greed to this some time ago, via an intermediary..

The pictures below were purchased from a different photogrper.

And here are more pictures from Susanna Francessc’s many magazine appearances…

Thanks Susanna. That’s the one part of your body that we’ve been hoping that you’d show us !!!

I’ve had so many emails asking me ‘See if you can find some pictures of her holding her flaps open’. 

If you like these type of pictures then you might like this video of Susanna spreading her pussy open, knowing that the cameraman is zooming the lens in to get a great close look at her. It’s a 12Mb file and lasts for a lovely 1 min and 12 seconds of pussy-spreading loveliness……

And if you like that video, you’ll love this one where Susanna masturbates to a lovely, moaning, groaning orgasm…….

One minute 23 seconds of naughtiness