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The photographer who took these pictures told me:

‘I’d asked Susanna if she minded that a couple of friends of mine came along to watch the photo-shoot. She giggled and said ‘Oh yes, that would be fun. I like having an audience’. On the day I drove to Susanna’s studio with my 2 friends and Susanna welcomed us in. 

She went to the changing room and came out a couple of minutes later dressed in this outfit. My friends gasped. I don’t know what they were expecting. I took a couple of pictures then Susanna said to them ‘It’d be best if you stood over to the left side of the studio. You’ll see why, in a moment’. 

They did and then as soon as they were there, Susanna started to pull down her tiny black g-string. One of them said ‘Oh yes Susanna, that’s so nice’. The other one said ‘Oh yeah, we can see the full length of your pussy-crack’.

Susanna laughed and said ‘Well, that’s what you boys want to see, isn’t it, what a girl looks like between her legs.

Even before she’d taken her bra off, Susanna had shown them her pretty shaved pussy lips…….

As Susanna got into the different poses, the two guys moved around the studio to where they would get the best look at Susanna’s tits and pussy. She didn’t mind at all. Every picture or two, she would look up at their faces to see which part of her body they were looking at. Well, it was only ever going to be her lovely bare tits or those pretty shaved pussy lips, wasn’t it. She would look at them and smile, enjoying their eyes were on her body. She has only met them for the first time maybe 15 minutes before, but now she was almost naked in front of them with her legs spread wide, and she was loving showing her body off to them….