Slutty Sarah story 5. 

 Ex-girlfriend Sarah, true story 5

Well, Chris, Sarah’s new boyfriend, I don’t know if you’ve every talked to Sarah, I mean really talked to her about what she likes about having sex with strangers, but she told me. You really must ask her about this. I mean, you are her new boyfriend, aren’t you and you really should know what she’s like.

When Sarah and I had been dating for, maybe six months. We were on holiday in Tenerife in the Canary Islands and were in a restaurant having an evening meal. Earlier in the day, at our hotel, I’d fancied a fuck and Sarah had said something she’d never said before. She said ‘Okay, I want this to be different. Don’t give any thought to my satisfaction, but just use me. I mean it, just use my body’. Hell, no man can refuse an offer like that, so I stripped her off, groped her, fingered her and then pushed her down on the bed and hell, I just used her body.

I wanted to ask her about why she had let me use her in that way, but I knew that I’d have to wait until after a few drinks had loosened her inhibitions. So, that evening in the restaurant, when we were on the second bottle of wine, I asked her ‘You know you said to just use your body earlier today, well do you like it like that sometimes?’ Sarah said ‘Most girls do. I mean, sometimes it’s nice for a girl to feel dominated by a man, to have our bodies excite a man and to know a man is desperate to have us. It’s nice to have my body felt and to feel a man’s erection growing, knowing it’s my body that a man is just using. I sound like a right slut, don’t I?’

Well, she did. But then I said ‘Have you ever had stranger sex? You know, when you’ve just met someone and you let him have you?’ Sarah looked away and I could see her reliving memories in her mind. Then she looked back at me and said ‘Okay, well if I sounded like a slut just now, well, I’m going to sound much worse when I tell you. I can’t believe I’m going to tell you this, but, well, you did ask.

I was on holiday with Jane, you’ve met Jane, haven’t you. We were on Lanzarote, just that other island over there and we were in this cheap nasty Spanish pizza place one evening. We were drinking and laughing, just having a good time. Jane said something about how the two Spanish waiters kept looking down my top. Actually, the waiters were pretty good looking. Well, okay, I was wearing a dress with nothing under it and I had just fantasised about both of them feeling me, so maybe I did lean forward and let the top of my dress come open so that when once of them was pouring the wine, he could see down my dress and I had just probably shown him my nipples.

I had just said something to Jane about sometimes just wanting a man who I didn’t know, justto have me and she said ‘I know what you mean. Why don’t you then? Go on, if you want to, why don’t you just let them have sex with you?’ She could see it in my eyes that I wanted to and she got up from the table and went over to where the two waiters were and said something to them. They looked over at me and grinned. I couldn’t believe it, but she was telling them that they could fuck me if they wanted to. Jane walked back and sat down, and said ‘Go on, they’ll fuck you. You know you want to’ I just sat there, not knowing what to do. In a way I was really embarrassed, but in another way, I could feel myself getting wey between my legs at the thought of them having me. Eventually I stood up and walked over to them. One of them caught hold of my hand and they led me out into the kitchen area, then out of a back door. It was a dark alleyway and there were dirty bins out that and it smelt not very nice and I knew I was going to be had by two Spanish waiters in some squalid place, but I didn’t care. 

As we got out there, a couple of bright security lights came on. I didn’t think about that at the time, but later, oh, well, I’ll tell you later, tonight.

One of them was standing in front of me and the other was behind me. The one behind me caught hold of the hem of my dress and pulled it right up so it was above my breasts. Then their hands were on me, all over me. It was lovely. They groped me, they put their fingers inside me and just felt me everywhere. I just wanted to be had and I yanked at their zips to get their penises out. I had two Spanish dicks, one in each hand and they were rock-hard. 

Then the one in front of me turned me round and pushed on my back to bend me forward. The other one pressed down on my shoulders and I was bent almost double, with my head down near my knees. I felt so exposed, so dominated and it was lovely. They were gentle and not forcing me in any way, but I felt helpless and that wonderful feeling of being dominated. Then one of them entered me from behind and the one in front of me reached down and grabbed and groped my breasts. The one behind me just pounded away in and out of me. I was being used and I was loving it. Their hands were all over me, groping, grabbing and squeezing and I could feel my whole body shaking with pleasure. Then he ejaculated inside me, thrusting and pounding up inside me. 

Then they changed places. They somehow kept my bent forward so I couldn’t have stood up straight even if I’d wanted to. Then the other one was inside me, thrusting away while the one that had just screwed me was holding me bent forward. Then I heard some laughing and cheering. My dress was right up over my head, but I turned my head sideways and there were two cooks there, you know, dressed in the white outfits that cooks wear, in the doorway watching the second man thrusting his penis up inside me. I could just see their legs but with those white outfits on, I knew that they were the pizza cooks. That was the first time I’d ever had sex with an audience. It was even more thrilling and exciting, being watched as I was being used and dominated. 

The second waiter soon ejaculated up inside me. It was fantastic knowing that my body was just being used for their satisfaction. As he withdrew from me, I expected the one in front of me to let me get up, but he kept the pressure on my shoulders. I knew what was going to happen to me next and it did. I felt the second waiter move away from me but then a fresh pair of hands was on me. I could see, between my legs, the white outfit of one of the cooks move behind me. I heard him say ‘Dirty English girl likes fuck, does she’ as he entered my vagina.

It was amazing. I’d hadn’t seen this man before. I hadn’t even seen his face, but his penis was inside my vagina and I wanted him to use my body and he did. His hands were really rough on my breasts and his penis was thrusting up me like crazy. I felt his penis twitching and he came up inside me. I wondered how many more men worked in the place and how many more were going to have me. I’d seen that there were two cooks in the white outfits and I wondered if the second one would have me, too. And he did. The first cook withdrew his penis but the pressure on my shoulders didn’t lessen and I knew they hadn’t finished with me. The second cook was soon inside me . The other two waiters and the other cook were cheering him on and he was saying things in Spanish that I couldn’t understand, but I can guess they were calling me a whore and slut and things like that. I didn’t care. It’s not as though I’d ever see them again. He had hold of my thighs at the side of my bottom and was pulling me back on fore onto his penis. The other three of them were groping my breasts and it was so, so fantastic to be used like that. It didn’t take him long to ejaculate. 

Then they helped me up, stood around me and had one last feel of my breasts, all of them groping and squeezing them, then they pulled my dress down and led me back into the place and showed me where the ladies room was. It was just as well there was lots of toilet paper there, because their cum was running down the inside of my legs. I moped it all up, tried to stop my body shaking with the pleasure that was running through me, and walked back into the restaurant to where Jane was still seated. 

I sat down and she looked at me. She said ‘Both of them?’ I said ‘Four’. She said ‘What, both waiters and who else’. I said ‘Two cooks. You know, I didn’t even see their faces before they had me. All four of them used and abused me. It was wonderful.’. Jane said ‘Wow, you mean you were fucked by two guys and you hadn’t even seen them before, as well as the two waiters?’ I nodded. I thought she’d be ashamed of me, but she said ‘Wow, you know that sounds really exciting’. We sat there for a while longer and the waiters served us more drinks, leering at me and making what were probably rude comments in Spanish. When we’d finished the bottle of wine I said to one of the waiters ‘No bill, after what I’ve done for you, of course’. He looked at me and then looked at Jane and said ‘No bill if she comes out back, too’. I looked at Jane. She took a deep breath in, lent forward and whispered in my ear ‘They didn’t hurt you, did they?’ I shook my head and she had that really sexy, dirty girl look in her eyes. She stood up and said to the waiter ‘Okay, if you think you are man enough’. She walked out the door to the kitchens, with both the waiters following her. They must have said something to one of the cooks, because he hurriedly came in with a fresh bottle of wine for me then rushed out the door. New customers came in, waited a while, but no one came to offer them a table and they left. I wondered if Jane was getting the same treatment that I got.

 After about 15 minutes Jane walked back in, looking very flushed in the face. She sat down. I said ‘Four?’ She said ‘No, five. The boss came back. He fucked me too. Hell, he had a huge cock. It was lovely having that up me’. I grinned at her and said ‘It’s nice to be used, sometimes, isn’t it?’ She grinned back and said ‘They’ve all got fucking big dicks, haven’t they. They stripped me off and took it in turns to grope my tits and finger my pussy, then they bent me forward, held me down and took it in turns to fuck me from behind. Ohhh, it was lovely’. We laughed and joked as we finished off the bottle of wine. 

After we’d finished the wine we got up to leave. One of the waiters stopped us and said ‘Before you go, you must see the boss. Upstairs. Then no bill for you to pay’. 

Jane looked at me and said ‘Well, he’s fucked me so it must be you he wants. Let’s go and see him, as long as we don’t have to pay for the food and wine’. We went through a door and went up some stairs. There was just one door at the top and Jane burst through it. We were both pretty drunk by then. 

Inside was the boss, sat at his desk, watching porn on his computer. He quickly shut the screen off and looked at me. He said ‘Me fuck you, English girl, then no bill’. 

Jane said to me ‘Go on, his cock is huge, you’ll love it up you’. Then she moved behind me and pulled my dress right up. He looked at me between my legs and grabbed his penis through his jeans and started to play with it. Then he got up  out of his chair, walked over to me and put one hand between my legs and stuck a finger up inside me. 

Jane said to him ‘Go on, fuck her. You know you want to’.

He took his finger out of me, pushed me over to his desk and bent me forward so that my face was right on the desk. Then he sqatted down behind me and I felt his fingers on my lips, between my legs. He opened them right down where the entrance to my vagina is. He said ‘Lovely pretty hole’. I could feel that he was holding my inner flaps open, too. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. This fat, ugly man, who I’d only just met about one minute ago, was looking at my most intimate parts and treating my like a cheap slut. Then I realised that was exactly what I was. I was going to have him abuse me to avoid paying a few Euros for a meal and wine. Then he stood up and I heard the sound of a zipper being undone, then the most massive cock that i’ve ever had up me entered my hole. I gasped. Jane laughed and said ‘I told you he was huge’.

He lent forward over my back and grabbed my tits, and groped them, as he was thrusting in and out of my vagina. I was determined to enjoy having such a huge cock up me and I put one hand on the desk to steady me, then I put my other hand between my legs and rubbed my clit. You know, it took maybe 5 or 10 seconds before I orgasmed.  My whole body shook. He thought it was his wonderful technique that had brought me off, and thrust up me even harder. 

It was lovely. I frigged myself off to another orgasm just before I felt him ejaculate up me. 

Eventually he stopped jerking up me and stood there, his jeans down to his knees and his huge dick getting more soft by the second. He said ‘Nice fuck. You go now. No bill.’ 

We left and Jane and I didn’t talk much about that evening for the rest of the holiday. But when we got back to the UK, oh hell, I learnt why those security lights had come on. They had CCTV out the back, by the bins. And in the bosses office, too. I’d been videod, being fucked, and I was on about 10 or 12 websites under the title ‘Stupid British Slut Being Fucked Senseless’. Some of my male friends saw the video and emailed me with the links. It was so embarrassing. There was me, with the waiters and cooks taking it in turns to fuck me, then the boss, in his office. But Jane wasn’t on there. Nothing at all about her, with her being fucked. Then I worked it out. They’d paid her to talk me into it. I phoned her, but she never answered my calls. Okay, I had stolen a boyfriend from her a year before, but I didn’t think that she’d do that to get her own back, but she did’.

Then Sarah said to me ‘Well, that’s it. I don’t know what you think of me now, but sometimes a girl likes to be used in that way. I suppose you think I’m just a slut, don’t you?’

I said ‘And is the video still available online?’

Now, that really wan’t the right thing to say, at all. She got really angry.

Anyway, Chris, Sarah’s new boyfriend, why don’t you ask her about that holiday when she got used and abused? Oh, I’d love to be there and hear that conversation. And, yes, I did find the video online a while ago and I’ll send it to you if you like, and you’ll see what a cock-hungry slut she is.

She talked about it as though she was a victim, but just watch the video. She was loving it, exhibiting herself and getting their cocks out, giving them a licking before guiding their cocks up her.