Slutty Sarah story 4. 

Ex-girlfriend Sarah, true story 4

Now her new boyfriend is really, really annoyed about these true stories about Sarah, my ex-girlfriend, so let’s keep it going by another story about the horny girl.

We were on holiday, somewhere on the Canary Islands. Lanzarote, I think. Two things happened on the holiday that her new boyfriend will hate to read about. The first one is this: I got a bit sunburnt one day, so the next day I couldn’t stay out in the sun too much. We were in a hotel room that overlooked some gardens with a lot of grassy areas and a few ponds. We had gone out to sunbath in the area of the gardens we could see from our room and after Sarah had been lying there for a few moments, she sat up and said ‘I think I’ll go topless’, and took the top half of her bikini off. 

We had chosen a fairly secluded area, but there was a narrow path that went by, a few meters from us.  Sarah lay there for about half-an-hour, sometimes on her back and sometimes on her stomach. 

My sunburn was starting to get worse so I told Sarah that I was going to go back to the room. I said ‘Are you going to keep your top off?’ and she replied ‘Yes, there aren’t any people going by and in any case, there are lots of topless girls on the beach just over there’. 

I went back to the room and sat out on the balcony, but in the shade. Sarah sat up once, saw me and waved. I doubted that I was the only man sat out on the hotel balcony that would have a good view of my girlfriend’s tits, but, well, they wouldn’t be the first men to see them. I had bought a new long lens for my camera so I thought I’d get a few shots of Sarah sunbathing. I’d just taken the first shot when I noticed some movement on the pathway near Sarah. One of the gardeners had appeared from behind some bushes and suddenly stopped when he saw Sarah’s naked breasts. He looked at her for a moment, then wheeled the wheelbarrow he had down the pathway towards her, staring at her tits as he got closer. I took a few pictures of him looking at her, to show Sarah later. 

I didn’t know if Sarah knew he was there, or whether she had her eyes closed behind her sunglasses, or whether she had gone to sleep. He got closer and closer, having a better and better look, then looked around furtively, to make sure no one was watching him. Why he didn’t look up at the hotel rooms and balconies I just don’t know. If anyone could see him, that is most likely where they would be watching from. He wheeled the barrow up behind where she lay, so even if she opened her eyes, she wouldn’t see him unless she looked behind he. 

He was really quite close to her now. Then he looked furtively around him again and put his hand in his pocket, obviously feeling his dick. It was a bit far away but I was sure I could see his hand moving around in his pocket as he masturbated, looking at my girlfriend’s bare breasts. I took a few pictures and wondered what Sarah would think about them when I showed her. Then I could see his body jerking as he must have cum. Then he quickly picked up the handles of the barrow and moved away.

Sarah came in after about an hour. Later that evening we were in the hotel restaurant having  meal. I said ‘Your body looked so lovely that I took a picture of you out there, and I showed her the picture on the camera screen. She seemed pleased to think that her body excited me and that I wanted to photograph her. Then I said ‘And then one of the gardeners had a good look at you’ and I showed her the next picture of him staring at her breasts. 

She’d had a drink or two by then and giggled, and said ‘Oh well, he’s quite an old man, so I must have made his day for him’. 

She had a few more drinks and was getting a bit drunk. So I showed her the pictures of when he went behind her and jacked-off at the sight of her. She was, well, sort of horrified, but at the same time, it seemed to excite her, because she certainly didn’t demand that we show the hotel management or anything, to get the gardener in trouble.

She said ‘I can’t believe he would masturbate in public like that. And, at the sight of my breasts. I mean, he must have liked them. And, it’s sort of arousing. I just wished he’d been younger. I mean, he’s a dirty old man and he’s masturbated looking at my body. But, it is still a bit exciting’.

Later, we were walking back to the room and she whispered in my ear ‘I wasn’t asleep out there. I did see him walking around near me and I knew he was looking at my breasts. I didn’t mind. I mean, you know I like to show them off to strangers. I knew he walked behind me but I thought he did it so he could have a good look at me without my knowing if I sat up. I didn’t know he wanked himself off, but it is a bit thrilling’.

Sarah, just are just a horny, dirty girl. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Maybe your boyfriend will be, when he reads this. 

And the next story about what we did on that holiday is even worse. 

A few days later, we were sat round the pool in the sun. Sarah had been drinking cocktails, and quite a few of them, and I’d been drinking the local beer. She said ‘I’m going to the bar to get us some more drinks’. The previous time she’d done that, she’d put her bikini top on, but this time she just walked off to the bar topless, her big, pert breasts wobbling as she walked past the other sunbathers. I saw lots of men look up and watch her as she walked by. 

There were two people in the queue so Sarah waited her turn behind them. As she stood there, two men of about 18 or 19 years of age came up behind her to wait in the queue. Sarah started to move a bit to the music that was playing in the bar area and even from where I was, I could see her breasts were bobbling around a bit. One of the guys behind her must have noticed and said something, because Sarah looked down at her breasts, then said something back to him and laughed. She was half turned towards them, showing off her tits to them deliberately. They talked for a few moments, then Sarah pointed over towards me and waved. The guys looked around at me and I waved back at Sarah. 

They chatted some more and then Sarah was at the counter and the barman was treated to the sight of Sarah’s naked breasts, as he made her cocktail and my beer. 

As Sarah started to walk away, she turned back to the guys and said something else.

She brought the drinks back to me, lay down and said ‘Those guys! They asked me if I was a model and could they take some pictures of me! Well, I knew they meant topless, of course. Or maybe naked!’ and she giggled. ‘I told them I was with my boyfriend and that you wouldn’t like it’. 

She hesitated and said ‘You wouldn’t like it, would you? Or maybe you wouldn’t mind. Well, I didn’t say I would. But, well, I didn’t say I wouldn’t, either. I said I’d tell you. I mean, it wouldn’t hurt I suppose. I mean, well, they’ve seen me topless, and what’s a picture, anyway?’

It was obvious she wanted to pose for them. It was obvious she was just trying to talk me into agreeing. It was obvious she wanted them to photograph her breasts. 

I said ‘It’s up to you. They mean in their room, don’t they. You might not be safe on your own there, with the two of them’. Sarah quickly said ‘Oh I said if I did it, I mean if you don’t mind, that you’d have to be there too. That’s why I pointed you out to them’.

Then she said ‘I’m awful, aren’t I? I’ve got a wonderful boyfriend and I flaunt my body off to anyone and everyone. I can’t help it. I’ve always been this way. I just like men admiring my figure’. 

I said ‘Sarah, you know I don’t mind you being like that. If you want to show yourself off, you do it. I’ve never been the jealous type’. 

Sarah quickly said ‘Can I do it them? With you there of course’. I nodded. It was obvious she wanted two strangers to have pictures of her showing her tits, and maybe more.

She quickly got up and looked around for the two young guys, saw where they were and walked over to them. She stood in front of them, still topless, talking for a moment, then came back to me. She said ‘Okay, I’ve got their room number. Lets go up to our room and I can shower to get all this suntan lotion off me. They we’re going to go to their room in 45 minutes time. I want to find something sexy to wear’.

We went back to our room, Sarah showered and a few minutes later came out of the bedroom dressed in a short, thin dressing gown. She stood in front of me, opened the dressing gown wide and said ‘What do you think?’ All she had on was stockings, suspenders, a really tiny g-string and red high-heel shoes, but no top on at all.

I said ‘Aren’t you going to wear, at least a bra?’ Sarah said ‘No. I mean, they want pictures of my breasts, don’t they. I might as well let them see them right from the beginning. Oh hell, I need another drink if I’m going to have the courage to do this’.

She went to the mini-bar and opened a bottle of wine. She poured a large glass and almost gulped it down, then poured another one. She sat down, looking at her watch, looking as though she wanted the time to go quickly so we could go to their room. She said ‘You are so good to let me do this. I’ll reward you later with my body, I promise. I’ll do anything you want me to. I mean it, to thank you for letting me show myself off as I did to all those men around the pool earlier, and for not minding these men taking pictures of me. You’ll enjoy me later, I promise you’.

Well, that gave me one huge erection.

Sarah had another drink, looked at her watch and said ‘Come on then’, and we walked out of the hotel room door and off to the lifts, Sarah clutching the half-full wine bottle. A couple was walking towards us and the man looked Sarah up and down, obviously realizing her breasts were moving around so much because she didn’t have a bra on under the thin dressing gown. His girl didn’t like him looking at all and elbowed him hard in the ribs. Sarah just grinned.

We got to the guy’s room and knocked. They opened the door, dressed just in shorts, since the room was fairly warm, cameras already in hand, looking a bit nervous but certainly a bit excited, too. They invited us in and without any inhibitions, Sarah opened the dressing gown, put her hands on her hips and said ‘Well guys, what do you think?’ They ran their eyes down over her bare breasts and down to her thighs above her stocking-tops, and back again. Their mouths just dropped open as they stared at her body.

One said ‘Oh, WOW, but we were hoping that we’d start off with some pictures of you out on the balcony. But there are some men out on the balcony of the next hotel room, and they’ll be able to see your, well, umm, your, uh, topless’. 

Sarah shrugged and said ‘That’s okay. I don’t mind. Let them look. Come on then’ and she beckoned them to follow her out onto the balcony. They went out behind her and I followed. 

Sarah looked over at the next balcony and said to the three men there ‘I’m just going to pose for a few pictures. You don’t mind seeing a topless girl, do you?’ and slid the dressing gown right off. The three men sat on the balcony stared at Sarah’s breasts and their mouths fell right open, too. ‘Fantastic tits’, one said, and Sarah said ‘Thank you’. She turned back to the two guys with the cameras and said ‘Right boys, here we go’, and she put her hands up behind her head, arched her back, thrusting her beautiful breasts towards them. They snapped and snapped away with their cameras as Sarah got into some really sexy poses. 

I could see the guys on the next balcony had their cell phones raised and they were either videoing Sarah or taking pictures of her. She pretended not to notice, but I bet she knew. 

After about five minutes of Sarah posing, she said ‘Okay, let’s do some pictures in the room and started to walk towards the room off the balcony. The men on the next balcony clapped and said ‘Thanks for a lovely show’. Sarah just grinned at them and said ‘I enjoyed you looking’, and she said it in a way that I could tell she really meant, having enjoyed total strangers having a good look at her tits and taking picture or videos of them, as she showed them off. 

Back in the room, Sarah sat on the bed and got into some more provocative poses, while they quickly took as many pictures as they could of her. Then one said ‘Look, I mean could you take a bit more off. You look great, but, well, you know what men are like, always wanting to see more’. He looked at me a bit nervously, not wanting me to get angry since I was bigger than the two of them put together, but they were desperate to see more of Sarah’s body. 

Sarah started to undo her stockings in a really sexy way and they took more and more pictures. Eventually she was just in her g-string and high-heels. I wondered if they would have the courage, in front of me, to ask her to take it off, but they didn’t need to. Sarah had finished the bottle of wine by then and she looked at me and put her thumbs into the waistband of her g-string, looking at me quizzically, as though to say ‘Do you mind if I take this off for them?’

I said ‘Fine, but I think the least they can do is to get you another bottle of wine from their mini-bar. The two of them almost rushed across the room, happy to give Sarah a bottle of wine in exchange for seeing her naked. They opened the wine and Sarah took a long gulp of it, then another one. 

She said ‘Okay boys, so you want to see what I’ve got between my legs, do you?’ and she slid her g-sting down to her mid-thighs. Hell, I didn’t know cameras could be used that quickly. They furiously snapped the shutter as Sarah slowly took her g-string off. Then she lay back on the bed, full-length, posing with her legs almost together, but with her pussy lips clearly visible. 

Both of the young guys had clear erections pushing at the front of their shorts, a fact that Sarah was very aware of, glancing down at them often, as she was doing. 

One of the guys said ‘Uhh, um, well, I mean would you, you know, open your legs a bit. I mean, just a bit’, again glancing nervously back at me. 

Sarah looked at me. I smiled back at her and shrugged. She mouthed ‘Thank you’ to me and winked, reminding me of the reward I was going to get later. 

Sarah seemed to take a deep breath, maybe to give herself courage, although after how much she’d had to drink, her inhibitions were mostly gone anyway. She moved her knees apart so that the full length of her pussy crack was on show to the three of us. I knew I’d be fingering that, a bit later, for the very first part of my reward. 

They quickly look pictures of her showing it all off for them, then Sarah said ‘Well guys, if I’m to open my legs even wider, and I will, you’ve got to do something for me’. The two guys looked a bit puzzled and Sarah continued ‘I’m naked, showing you everything, but you’ve still got your shorts on. I’ll show you even more, but you’ve got to show me what you’ve got, too. Go on, get your shorts off guys’. 

The two of them looked at each other, as though getting agreement or something, then quickly took their shorts off. Their erections were now even more obvious, poking at the front of their boxer shorts. Sarah said ‘No guys, I mean everything’.

Again they looked at each other, glanced nervously at me, then pulled their boxers down, their erections springing up and pointing up to the ceiling. 

Sarah looked at their penises and said ‘Humm, not bad’. Then spread her legs really wide. They took picture after picture of her, moving in close and pointing the camera right between her legs. 

Then she said to me ‘Go look in my bag please and get my camera out’. I didn’t even think to bring a camera myself, but Sarah had, maybe planning this all along. She said to me ‘Okay, take a few pictures of them photographing me. Make sure their dicks are in the shot’, so I did.

Then she said ‘Okay guys, put your cameras down and come and sit on the bed next to me’. They did, erections still pointing vertically up. Sarah looked me and said ‘Please will you take a few pictures of me with them. Please don’t mind and don’t get jealous’. 

I laughed and said ‘Sarah, you have your fun. You know I don’t get jealous’. Sarah said to me ‘Really. I won’t go too far. You know you can trust me like that, but I just want to have a bit of fun with them, now they’ve had their fun with me’.

I smiled, wondering how far she would go. As long as she didn’t sit on their faces or on their erections, I didn’t mind. 

Sarah sat between the two of them and opened her legs wide, putting one leg up over theirs and I took a picture of them looking down at her pussy. Then she put one hand round the shaft of their penises. I don’t think they ever expected that, when they had asked her for a few topless pictures. Then she said ‘Right guys, lean back on the bed and she got up from between them, pushed them back onto the bed and knelt on the edge of the bed between them, her body on show to them, and caught hold of their penises again. She started to pull and push her hands up and down, masturbating them off. As she did, her body was moving so her breasts were bouncing around. The two of them had their heads up off the bad, watching Sarah’s breasts bobbling. I took a few pictures then, almost at the same time, the two of them ejaculated. It went everywhere, all over their legs and onto the bed covers. As they came, Sarah quickly let go of their dicks and, as all men know, that is an awful feeling, so both of them quickly grabbed hold of their penises. Sarah moved back and said to me ‘Let me take picture of them’, and I handed her the camera.

She’d got a picture of them, just the two of them, looking as though they were jerking themselves off together, in front of each other.

They finished and went to the bathroom, one at a time, looking very, very embarrassed. 

Once they’d put their boxers and shorts back on they just sat on the bed and looked at Sarah.

Now very much in control, Sarah said to them ‘Okay boys, you’ve got some pictures of me, but if you ever, ever think of publishing them anywhere, absolutely anywhere, don’t forget I’ve got a picture of you, just the two of you alone, masturbating in front of each other. Now, you don’t want that all round the world, do you?’

They both looked really worried. Sarah picked her stockings, suspender belt, g-string up, put her dressing gown on, looked at me and said ‘Okay big boy, now’s the time for your special, special reward’. She caught hold of my hand and almost dragged me back to our room.

What did she do for me? What did I do to her? What did we do that she’s never let me do before, well, Sarah’s new boyfriend, why don’t you ask her. Then ask her why she’s never done that for you?