Slutty Sarah story 1. 

 Ex-girlfriend Sarah, true story 1

This is a true story about ex-girlfriend Sarah, to tell the world what a horny exhibitionist she is. I think she was about 23 years old when this incident took place. What a dirty, horny girl she is. Just read on….

We had gone away on a dirty weekend to the city of Plymouth on the south coast of England, UK. We got there on a Friday evening and spent the time eating good food, drinking nice wine and fucking a few times before midnight in the hotel we were staying at. The next day we went for a walk early on Saturday afternoon. We got into a bit of a rough area of Plymouth, but it was okay. Suddenly, as we were passing a pub, Sarah stopped dead, looked at a sign in the window of the bar, caught hold of my hand and pulled me in through the door. She pointed to a table, said ‘Sit down, I’ll get us a drink’, and walked up to the bar. The only other people in there were a young couple, who was talking to the man behind the bar, who was also quite young, maybe mid-twenties. Sarah stood near them, obviously listening to the conversation. Then the barman wrote down something that the couple was telling him. Then they left and Sarah asked for our drinks. She exchanged a few words with the barman and, after she’d paid for the drinks, he handed her a leaflet. 

She put the drinks down in front of us and said ‘I don’t know how you are going to feel about this, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Look, before you say no, please, I want to do this’ and she handed me the leaflet. It read ‘Amateur Strip Night. Ever fancied being a stripper? Win a fantastic money prize by showing how good you are to an audience of enthusiastic guys and gals on this Saturday night’.

Sarah said ‘Kevin, look, I know I’ll be showing my body off to loads of men, but I would love to do this, just once. What do you think?’

Well, I’ve never been jealous about guys seeing any girlfriend I’d ever had, say topless on a beach. In fact, I’ve never told any of them, but I love watching men as their eyes are on my girlfriends’ tits. I didn’t like to tell her all that, so I said ‘Well, I suppose it’s okay, if you really want to. And it will just be for once, won’t it. And, look, you’ve had quite a few boyfriends before me and I’m certain they’ve all seen you naked, so, what the hell if more men see you.  Go on, go for it’. 

Sarah looked at me, then waved the barman over to our table. She said ‘Okay, I’ll do it. It’s tonight, isn’t it? But, I’ve never done anything like this before. You said that you hold these contests every few months. Will you tell me what I need to do, to win?’ 

The barman thought for a moment, then said ‘Look, I’ve got to close the bar now for the rest of the afternoon. I’ll lock the doors, but, I can give you 15 to 20 minutes to tell you what you have to show the guys, so that you win, and you can have a practice strip now. I guess my reward will be to see you get naked now from closer than I’ll get to see later tonight when there’s a full audience in’. Sarah looked at me. I nodded and she smiled, happy that she was going to get told how to win. 

The barman locked the doors and took us to the other end of the bar, where there was a low stage and a pole to do a pole-dance around. He put some raunchy music on and said ‘Okay, just start to dance around the pole and I’ll tell you what you are doing right and how to get even better’. 

I knew Sarah was wearing stockings, since I’d had a feel up her skirt before we’d left the hotel. She had on a fairly short black skirt and an ivory coloured blouse. She’s stripped for me in the past, so she knew how to do it a bit. She danced round the pole, then squatted down. Her skirt rode up a bit and she moved her knees apart, showing us her stocking-tops. The barman said ‘Oh yes. Definitely wear stockings. Best to get some black ones for tonight though’. Sarah stood up and the barman said ‘Okay, start to unbutton your blouse now’. Sarah moved so sexily to the music and smiled cheekily as she undid the buttons slowly. She said ‘Look, I know this bra is a bit big. I’ve got a half-cup bra back at the hotel that shows a lot more and I’ll wear that tonight’. Her blouse was soon off and she went to undo the zipper at the back of her skirt. 

The barman said ‘Hang on. Look, give the guys a little glimpse of your tits now, then they’ll know they’ll get to see more of them, later. Lean forward, then pull your bra straps down off your shoulders, then pull the front of your bra down until you’re showing your nipples. Just a flash, then pull it back up again’. Sarah gave us both a good show of the top half of her tits and I could see her nipples were really, really hard. She was loving showing herself off.

Then she turned her back to us, undid the zipper at the back of her skirt, then bent forward and slowly pulled the skirt down, showing us that she had on a tiny g-string and displaying her stocking-tops and her creamy thighs. 

She said ‘How much do the girls generally show?’ The barman replied ‘Well, some girls will not even take their bras off, others get topless but don’t take their panties off, others strip naked. But the girls who show the most always win. If you want to be sure of winning the prize, well, you have to show everything. It just depends if you are happy to do that and just how much you want the prize’. 

Sarah said ‘I’ll do whatever it takes. I don’t care how much I show them all. How many men will get to see me?’ The barman said ‘About a hundred, mostly guys, but a few girls too’. Sarah thought for a moment and said ‘Okay, let’s do it. Tell me what to do’.

The barman said ‘Okay, lean forward towards us again. Now undo your bra behind your back and let is slowly fall off your tits. Right, now, this is really important. The guys love this. Wobble your tits from side to side as you are leaning forward’. Sarah let the bra fall off her, then shook her shoulders so her tits wobbled back and fore. ‘Oh that’s it, that’s perfect. That’s so fucking sexy’ said the barman, staring at my ex-girlfriend’s tits as the bounced around. 

He said ‘Right dance around a bit, but do it with a lot of enthusiasm, you your tits bounce around. That’s it. The guys like that. Right, now. Turn your back to us, stand with your ankles a bit apart, then lean forward. That’s it. Now catch hold of the waistband of your panties. Right, pull them down to your ankles and lean right forward as you do it’. 

And Sarah did, without a trace of embarrassment, or trying to hide anything. There, right in front of us, she showed us her pussy lips, right between her legs. The barman, the bastard, even squatted down right behind her to get a better look. ‘Ah, that’s great’ he said ‘I was going to suggest you made sure your pussy lips were well shaved, but you already are. Fuck, you’ve got a pretty pussy. Right, now, the final thing two things you have to do. Stand up straight, turn towards us, stand with your legs apart a bit, then give your shoulders one last shake so your tits wobble around’. Sarah did and those lovely tits seemed to have a mind of their own. She wobbled them, then moved around a bit, making sure they were bouncing up and down, too. 

The barman said ‘Right, the winning move. Stand back so your back is right against the pole. Now gradually slide down it, so you are squatting down. That’s it. Now, if you really, really want to win, open your knees as wide as you can’. Sarah did and as she opened them wide, she smiled at us. Her pussy lips, whenever she was wet and horny, always used to open up a bit, and they did. The barman just stared at her open pussy. Sarah looked down and said ‘Oh, I’m certainly showing a lot, aren’t I. Oh well, if that’s what it takes to win’. 

Then she stood up and picked up her clothes. The barman stopped the music and said ‘I just need your name, or a false name if you want to give it. There are six girls in total and I’ll put you on last’. We talked for a few more minutes, with Sarah standing right in front of him now, still naked, and I noticed that he was looking down at her tits all the time. Sarah knew he was and looked at me and smiled. 

Then, Sarah got dressed and we left the bar. We found a shop that sold black stockings and Sarah bought them, along with the smallest g-string and bra I’ve ever seen. Then she bought a short white dress that was bound to show her stocking-tops. 

We went back to the hotel and later Sarah got ready. She put the outfit on and wore a long coat over it. As the time got closer she got more and more nervous, but was still determined to go through with it. We took a taxi back to the bar and walked in, at 7.30 in the evening. The place was rammed. There must have been well over 100 guys and a few girls, and they were going to see my ex-girlfriend get naked. 

The barman greeted us and showed Sarah where the dressing room was. She said ‘Oh, I’m wearing my outfit already and she opened her coat. The barman looked her up and down and said ‘Oh yes’.  We had a few drinks at the bar to steady Sarah’s nerves. Then the barman explained that Sarah and the other girls had to stay in the dressing room so they couldn’t see what the first, second, etc.,, girl did to strip, so they couldn’t just learn off them and show a bit more. Sarah went into the changing room with the other girls, along with a couple of Vodka and tonics to help build up her courage. 

Then, it got to 9pm and it was time for the first girl to strip. The barman was the MC and got on the microphone to announce the first girl. There were a couple of huge bouncers there by the dressing room door to protect the girls, and one of them opened the door to let the first girl out, just as the barman started the stripper music. 

Well, the first girl was pretty rubbish. She didn’t know how to move and, although she did take her bra off, she had a pretty awful boob job. There was some polite applause when she finished. The second girl was a bit better. The third was terrible and didn’t even get her tits out. The fourth was pretty good and the guys applauded. She did take her bra and g-string off, but didn’t open her legs at all. The fifth girl was rubbish. Then Sarah came out. 

She got up on the stage and started to move to the music. One guy next to me said to his friend ‘Now, this is more like it’. Then ‘Fuck, she’s got great legs. I love black stockings’. Then ‘Oh fuck, she is so, so sexy. She gets my vote. The barman’s a mate of mine and he told me she’s going to show her pussy to us all’.

And, I watched, as my girlfriend stripped for about 150 guys to stare at. She gave me a hard-on and I’m sure every guy in the audience got one too. She did what the barman had told her to do. Her bar came off and she shook her shoulders to make her tits wobble. The cheers were deafening. I noticed the other girls had all come out of the dressing room and were watching. They didn’t look at all happy as the guys shouted, clapped and cheered Sarah as she stripped. 

As she turned her back to the audience and pulled her g-string right down, the guys at the front squatted right down behind her and she bent right forward, looked back over her shoulder at the guys as they stared at her pussy lips and grinned at them, really happy to be showing her pussy off to them all. The guy next to me said to his friend ‘Fuck, look at what she’s showing. I’d love to shove my dick up inside that’. 

Finally, Sarah did it. I didn’t know if she would have the confidence, but she did. She put her back to the pole, slid down it so she was squatting, then suddenly opened her legs so, so wide. Even from where I was, near the back, I could see her pussy lips come open. She was showing everything she could to over 100 guys and she was smiling and so happy as they cheered and cheered. 

The music stopped and Sarah stood up, picked up her bra and g-string, and flung them into the audience. Then she pulled her short dress over her head. Then the barman called the other girls up onto the stage. Whoever got the loudest cheer as their names were called was the winner. Well, no doubt about it. Sarah won by a mile. 

She looked round for me and I waved, caught her eye and pointed over to the bar. As she pushed though the crowds of guys they all clapped and patted her on the back. She got to the bar and the barman got there at the same time. He said ‘You are the best we’ve ever had here. All your drinks are on me for the rest of the evening’. Well, Sarah certainly needed a few drinks after that. I was stood leaning on the bar, sideways and Sarah was facing the bar. After her third drink she pushed herself up against me a bit and whispered in my ear ‘My dress is really short and my g-string has gone’. I knew what she wanted and I slipped my hand under the hem of her dress and between her legs. Her pussy lips were really wet and, making sure that no one noticed, I slipped two fingers up inside her. She was soaking wet up there. She looked at me and whispered ‘I hope it’ll be your dick, not your fingers, that I feel up there when we get back to the hotel’. I grinned and she smiled back.

Just then the barman came over to us and I quickly took my fingers out of Sarah. He said ‘It’s prize time. Your cash is in the changing room and the bouncers are looking after it. Why don’t you both go in there and get it. By the way, the bouncers loved your strip but because of where they were, they didn’t see much. Give them a bit of a look at you, if you don’t mind. They are good guys and they would love a bit of a show from you’. Sarah smiled and nodded, and I knew she was still horny enough to want to show herself off a bit more.

We went into the changing room and the two bouncers smiled and clapped as we entered. One said ‘That was a fantastic strip. Best we’ve ever seen. Here’s your money’ and he handed Sarah an envelope stuffed with cash. Sarah handed it to me and said ‘Look, you’ve both been great, too. But you couldn’t have seen much of my body from where you were. Would you like to see what the guys in the front row of the audience saw?’ They looked at each other as though all their Christmases had come at once and nodded. Sarah said ‘Okay, bring those two seats together and sit down’. Then, with them sitting in front of her, she turned her back to them, slowly bent forward, right the way down, and pulled the hem of the dress up. The look on their faces and they stared at her pussy lips, right in front of them. 

Then she turned to face them. They stared at her stocking-tops, then her pussy, then her tits, as she slowly pulled her dress right up, then off, over her head. She stood with her legs apart and said ‘Go on then. Enjoy yourselves. Have a good look at me’, and their eyes were roaming all over her body. One of them said ‘Your tits are fantastic. They look really firm’, then he glanced at me and back to Sarah. We all knew what he meant. Sarah looked at me and I thought for a moment, then nodded. 

Sarah smiled at me, then moved right up close to them and caught hold of one hand of each of them. She pulled their hands up and said ‘You can tell me if you think they really are firm’ and then she placed each of their hands on her tits. Those two guys couldn’t believe their luck. They started off by gently fondled Sarah’s tits, then squeezed and really groped them. I just stood there and enjoyed the sight of two guys feeling up my girlfriend’s titties. They just didn’t want to let go. Sarah let them feel her for a good minute, before moving back and saying ‘One last thing. I did promise you that you’d see what the guys in the front of the audience saw’ and she pulled another chair up so it was facing them. She sat down on it, leant back, lifted her legs up and opened them wide. I stepped forward so I was behind the bouncers, so I could get a better look, too. Sarah’s pussy was glistening wet and was wide open. We could see her clit and the entrance to her vagina. She looked down and said ‘Oh hell, I’m showing you everything, aren’t I?’ She let them look for a moment, then got up and put her dress on. She said to me ‘Come on, back to the hotel. There’s something I need you to do for me’. And we walked out of the bar. Sarah had picked her coat up, but as we got outside she said ‘Oh, it’s too warm to wear this’, and we walked back to the hotel, with Sarah in her tiny dress, the tops of her black stockings and creamy white thighs on show to anyone who wanted to look. And, dozens of guys did as they walked by. 

Back at the hotel, well, what can I say? Rampant sex for hours and hours. She said ‘You’ve been so good to me, letting me play out my fantasy. To reward you, you can do anything you want to me tonight. Anything you want’. And I did.