More British glamour models

Having some fun with some very willing models.

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secretary spanked

41mb, 4:09mins

pantyhose groped

13mb, 1:57 mins

pantyhose exposed

8mb, 0:47 mins

stripped & groped

7mb, 0:44 mins

These models were only willing to take part in these videos providing that their names weren’t mentioned and of course I’ll respect that, and it’s great that they were happy to be exposed, groped and spanked.

Those guys certainly had their fun with the girls, who seemed to enjoy being felt, exposed and fondled, too. In fact, one of the guys above is me, Kevin Graves. I’d gone along to the video shoot to watch and the girl, because I was paying her fees, asked if I wanted to have a go with her. Let me just say that it’s either the spanking one, or one of the two groping ones. 

What a sexy girl, happy to be felt-up, not minding at all that she’d only just met me a few minutes before. 

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