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I had an email regarding the last 6 pictures, above, from the owner of the country house property where they were taken. He recognised his house in the background and remembered the day of the photo-shoot. He told me that the photographer, Karen and several other models arrived and he showed the girls a room they could use to prepare their make-up. Then he showed the photographer and the owner of  the lingerie company around the rooms so that they could decide where they would take the pictures.

As they got back to the changing-room, Karen walked out, naked apart from high-heel shoes, stood with her hands on her hips and said ‘Okay, I’m ready. What outfit do you want me to wear first’. The photographer said ‘Karen, you  are naked in front of the owner of this place, and everyone else too’.

Karen said ‘I don’t care. Men see me naked all the time.  A few more isn’t going to make any difference’. Anyway I like being naked’. 

Over the rest of the day he saw Karen naked many times, as she changed her outfits in front of anyone who was around, including 4 painters who were there working on the building, not caring at all that they were seeing her naked body. The other models all used the changing room.

I’ve seen a video where Karen says that she’s an exhibitionist. Looks like she was telling the truth !!!