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Susanna Francessca true erotic stories

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This is a  totally true story about Susanna Francessca doing a ptoto-shoot and getting naked for a bunch of guys. The photographer told me……

“I’d booked Susanna for a photo-shoot at a friend’s house. He had a collection of classic cars. On the way there I said to Susanna ‘You’ll be okay with Kevin watching you, won’t you?’ She said ‘Oh I hope he does’.

We got to his place. He had a Porche and an old Rolls Royce. I introduced Susanna to Kevin then he showed Susanna into his house so that she could change into the first outfit. As I was setting up my camera gear, Kevin said ‘Will she be okay with me watching her?’ I laughed and said ‘She’ll be really disappointed if you don’t. She’s  a real exhibitionist. Just look at her body and enjoy the view’.

As I said that Susanna walked out of the house and down the steps to where we were. This is what she was wearing…..

I said ‘I thought you might start off in a dress, or something, Susanna’. She said ‘It’s too hot, and anyway I thought Kevin might like me in red fishnets. What do you think, Kevin?’ Kevin was just standing there with  his mouth hanging open. He  looked at Susanna and stuttered ‘Oh WOW, you look amazing. How did you know that I love fishnet stockings?’ Susanna laughed and said  ‘Because you are a man’.

Susanna posed like this for about 10 pictures, then she said ‘I’d better get topless now. Kevin’s been waiting patiently to see my boobs’. She reached behind her back and tried to undo her bra, but was struggling with the clasp. She said ‘Come here please Kevin and give me a hand to undo my bra. I expect you’ve had lots of practice at undoing girls’ bras’.

Kevin walked up behind Susanna. His hands were shaking, but he managed to get the clasp undone. Before he could move back Susanna turned to face him. She said ‘Go on then, pull it off me’. Kevin reached up to Susanna’s shoulder-straps and pulled the bra off her, exposing her breasts. He looked down at Susanna bare breasts and said ‘Oh Wow, Susanna, that’s a lovely  pair of tits you’ve got there’. Susanna smiled and said ‘Thank you. I’m glad you like them. I’d rather you called them boobs, but thanks, anyway’.

Susanna posed topless for about 10 more pictures. She kept glancing at Kevin. His eyes were all over her tits.She was smiling and enjoying him looking at them.

Then Susanna said ‘Okay, I’m going to put something else on. It’s too hot to be wearing much.She picked up her bra and walked back into Kevin’s house. Kevin said to me ‘You’re right. She does like having her body looked at, doesn’t she. I only met her a few minutes ago and she’s shown me her tits’.

A few minutes later Susanna walked out of the house. All she was wearing was a tiny white g-string and white high-heel shoes. As she walked down the steps her tits were wobbling and bouncing around. She glanced at them and then she smiled at us, and said ‘Did you like that little show I put on for you Kevin?’ He said ‘Hell, yeah. I love bouncing boobs’.

I must admit that Susanna’s tits did look lovely, as she posed around and in Kevin’s Porche.

Then she said ‘I think it’s about time I got naked. It’ll give Kevin something else to look at, as well as my boobs’.

She took her little white g-string off so Kevin - and my camera, could see her pussy. As she posed, Susanna was showing more and more. She lent back over the car bonnet and moved her lags apart so her pussy was really on show to us. Over the next half hour, she showed me, my camera and Kevin every single part of her body, legs spread really, really wide apart.  Her pussy lips came apart a bit, giving us a lovely view.

As we got to the end of the photo-shoot, Kevin suddenly said ‘Susanna, I bought a new digital video camera the other day. Would you do a strip video for me? Obviously I’ll pay you’.

Susanna said ‘Oh, I’d love to. It’s a shame there’s not a few more of you here. I like to have an audience when I do a strip’. Kevin thought for a moment, then said ‘Well my friends are all in the bar just a few minutes from here. I could ring them and they’d be here in five minutes. Susanna said ‘That’d be really good. What would you like me to wear in the video? Those red fishnets I was wearing earlier, I guess’.

Kevin phoned the friends and told them that if they wanted to see a girl stripping, then to get to his place. Susanna put the red fishnet stockings back on and a red dress over them. Kevin’s friends arrived. They were a bit rowdy. We all went into Kevin’s house and Susanna said ‘I’ll strip by this sofa. Then she looked at Kevin and his friends and said ‘You lot need to be over this side of the room. You’ll get a better look at me from there. Once I’m almost naked then I’ll be sat  on the sofa and I’ll have my legs apart so you can see me between my legs’.  

This is the sexy strip she did for them. It’s a long video, but very nice and worth downloading. As she promised, she spreads her legs wide to show them her pussy.

After she’s done the strip Susanna was standing around, just in her stockings, talking to Kevin’s friends, not caring that her tits and pussy were on show. Then, when all the guys had left, Kevin said ‘Susanna, you know when you walked out of the house earlier and your boobs were bouncing, would you do a quick video for me with you jiggling them, please?’

Susanna said ‘Yeah, that’d be fun. But only my boobs on show, not my face, okay?’

This is the very short video of Susanna Francessca jiggling her tits….

At the end of the photo-shoot, as Susanna and I drove away from Kevin’s place, I said to her ‘You really enjoyed that, didn’t you’. Susanna said ‘Oh,yes. That was such fun, with me getting topless and naked in front of him. I thought that when he pulled my bra off me, he was going to grab my boobs’.

I said ‘What if he had?’

Susanna said ‘I would have let him. I mean, I was offering them up to him deliberately, wasn’t I? I would have let him have a feel of them, for a few seconds at least. Anyway, I gave him a good look at my body, didn’t I. I showed him everything’. I said ‘Maybe you showed him more than you thought. When you were spreading your legs wide, your lips, between your legs, came open and there was lots of pink skin there, between them, showing’.

Susanna said ‘I don’t care. I’ve shown that much in men’s magazines before so thousands of men have seen me there. I quite like the thought that I was showing it off to Kevin, too’.

What a beautiful exhibitionist Susanna Francessca is.



Susanna Francessca stripping for Kevin’s friends

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Susanna Francessca jiggles and bounces her lovely tits

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