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Glamour model Karen White, topless and naked


Exhibitionist Susanna Francessca modelling naked in front of lots of guys.

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The photographer who took these pictures told me “I guess you know the way camera clubs operate for group photo-shoots with models. They book a model then one of the guys gets to photograph the girl for about 5 minutes, while the remainder of the guys just stand and watch. Then the model gets dressed and the next guy gets his turn photographing her as she strips off.

It does take a certain kind of exhibitionist girl to now mind 15 or more men just standing around getting a great look at the girl’s body as she strips naked.

Susanna wasn’t bothered at all about all the guys watching. She seemed to really enjoy it.

In fact, after all of us had photographed her in the hot-pants and boa, in these pictures, rather than her going into the changing room to put the next outfit on, she changed in front of us, not caring at all that we were watching and enjoying the sight of her naked body.

She also wasn’t bothered about guys getting close-up shots of her pussy when she was standing with her legs wide apart.

She seemed to enjoy the day almost as much as we did……..

….At the end of a photo-shoot most models at least put a dressing-gown on as all the guys are packing up their camera gear. Not Susanna. She stood there, naked apart from her high-heel shoes, just chatting with the guys, not at all shy about being close to them as they tried not to glance down at her tits and pussy.

What a lovely exhibitionist!!!”