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Glamour model Karen White, topless and naked

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Susanna Francessca spreads her pussy open for the first time

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This page will be a bit different, since it contains a very sexy true story about the first time that Susanna Francessca spread her pussy open for a photo-shoot. It was sent to me by the assistant to the professional photographer who took the pictures. He wanted his name to be kept private, so I’ve called him ‘Phil’. I’ll refer to the main photographer by his initials of JR. There are lots of pictures from the photo-shoot as well, with Susanna Francessca’s open pussy on show. This is the story that he sent to me:

“We’d booked Susanna for a men’s magazine photo-shoot in July, a few years back. She arrived at our London studio and, as I opened the door to her, I could see that she definitely wasn’t wearing a bra under her little low cut top. She was wearing a little mini-skirt, too, and her legs looked amazing. JR and I sat on a sofa on one side of a low coffee table and Susanna sat on the sofa on the other side. It was a great start to a photo-shoot, since we could both see up her mini-skirt and had a great view of her panties. She knew we were looking but didn’t mind at all.

She said ‘I guess you want to see my portfolio’ and she half stood up, bent forward, unzipped the portfolio book and put it on the table in front of us. As she did, her top came down a bit and we could see her tits. She saw us looking and said ‘Oh, boys, are you looking at my boobs already? Well I guess you’re going to see a lot more of them soon, so that’s okay’.

JR opened Susanna’s portfolio up to look through her pictures. Susanna sat forward on the edge of the sofa. She was leaning forward a bit so her tits were on show down her top. She said ‘You might as well skip through the first few pages where I’ve got clothes on. I expect you want to see what I look like topless and naked. JR turned over the pages until he got to pictures of Susanna with her tits and pussy on show. He said ‘Yeah, your body is really nice. Your tits aren’t all that big, but they are really nice. How long ago were the  pictures taken?’

Susanna said ‘Not very long ago at all, but I know what you mean. You are thinking that I might have put weight on since they were taken. I haven’t, but I’ll show you if you like. I’ll take my top off if you want me to’. JR sat back and said ‘Go on then. Let’s have a look at you’.

Susanna stood up and, right in front of us, pulled her top up and off, over her head. She stood there, topless in front of us, her pretty tits on show. She said ‘There you are. I still look the same as in the pictures, don’t I’, then she caught hold of the hem of her mini-skirt and pulled it right up to her waist to show us her legs and a tiny white, silky g-string. We looked up and down Susanna’s body. JR said ‘Very, very nice Susanna. Turn round and let’s see your bottom’. Susanna turned her back to us and bent forward, letting us enjoy the sight of her cheeks.

Then Susanna turned back to face us and said ‘Is that all right. Do you thing I look okay? I’ll strip naked for you if you want me to, right now’. JR said ‘Yeah, that’d be good’. Susanna unzipped her mini-skirt and as she pulled it down, she caught hold of her g-string and pulled that down, too. She stood there, naked apart from her high-heel shoes, right in front of us. She said ‘There you are, do you like my body?’ I mean, there was this sexy, naked girl right in front of us. We both looked up and down Susanna’s body. It looked great, her tits and her pussy on show.

JR said ‘Okay Susanna, I think we can shoot two photo-sets of you today, but there’s one thing. There aren’t any pictures in your portfolio of you holding your pussy lips open. To get published these days you have to do that. Are you okay about doing that today?’

Susanna didn’t hesitate. She said ‘Oh yes, I haven’t done it before for any photographer, but I know that you’ll want me to show that much and that’s fine. Actually I like the thought of men buying a magazine and to see me showing my pink bits off’.

JR looked at me and said ‘Okay, let’s get Susanna into the dressing room. The blue dress and whit stockings outfit first I think’. I stood up and led Susanna into the changing room. She was still topless and I said ‘Your tits are really pretty, Susanna’. She said ‘That’s nice, I’m glad you like them. I’m really looking forward to showing you everything.

The photo-shoot started and after the first picture with Susanna clothed, she quickly got her tits out for us.

She quickly took her panties off, then she said

‘Shall I hold it open for you now. I can’t wait any longer. I want to show it to you’.

JR said ‘Yeah, go on then, let’s have a look at it’.

Susanna said ‘Okay boys, here’s my pink bits for you to see, and for all the men who buy the magazine’, and she spread her pussy wide open.

Towards the end of the first photo-set, JR said ‘I want to move in a bit closer and get a close-up shot of you holding your pussy open, Susanna. Is that okay?’ Susanna said ‘Yeah, that’d be great’.

JR always liked to get close to the girls and see their open pussy. He moved in closer, as I did, alongside him. Well, if some random girl is okay about spreading her pussy in front of us, well, you want to have a good look at it, don’t you’.

JR said ‘Go on then Susanna, open it up for us. She put one hand between her legs, put two fingers on either side of her pussy lips and spread it open. JR said ‘Stay like that’. He took a picture, then lowered the camera from his face and looked at Susanna’s open pussy. It was all on show, her clitoris and the entrance to her vagina. He said ‘That’s nice Susanna, stay like that’. Susanna giggled and said ‘You are both having a look at me there, aren’t you. That’s okay, I don’t mind. I like you both seeing me there’ and she moved her fingers further apart, showing even more of her pink bits’. Then she said ‘Let me do this for you’ and she put both hands between her legs and pulled her pussy lips even wider apart. She said ‘I must be showing you everything now. That’s what you want to see, isn’t it’. She had a finger of one hand just at the entrance to her vagina.

Here are some pictures from the second set, with Susanna showing even more, for our fun and enjoyment.

What a lovely, sexy minx Susanna Francessca is. Happy to spread her pussy lips open for guys around the world to see and enjoy.