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Glamour model Karen White, topless and naked


The photographer who took these pictures told me that he phoned Susanna up to make a booking for this photo-shoot. During the conversation Susanna said ‘Are you going to bring some of your friends along. You know I like showing myself off to your friends’ I replied ‘Actually, I’ve got two friends who are computer nerds. I don’t think either of them has seen a girl’s breasts in front of them’. Susanna said ‘Oh yeah, definitely bring them. I’ll put on a good show for them, I promise’.

On the day, I drove myself and the two nerds to Susanna’s studio, in Warwick. We arrived and I rang the doorbell at the side of the building. Susanna opened the door and, well, what a lovely sight. She was wearing the tiniest of t-shirts, open at the front so her breasts were spilling out, a little mini-skirt and very high-heel shoes. Her studio is up some stairs and she walked up ahead of us. My nerdy friends were behind her, looking up her mini-skirt at a pretty white triangle of her panties between her legs and the cheeks of her bottom. She knew what she was showing and I heard her laugh and say ‘I know what you are looking at, boys’.

We got into the studio and she turned to face us. She said ‘Do you want some coffee or tea?’ Then she said ‘Hello, my face is up here, above my boobs’. One off the nerds said ‘Oh sorry, it’s ust that, well, your top doesn’t cover much, sorry, yeah, coffee would be great’.

Susanna laughed and said ‘It’s okay. That’s why I wore this top, because it shows my boobs off’.

She made us coffee and while we were drinking it, she went into the changing room and put on an outfit we’d agreed on, just a bra and panties. I’d set up the lights and my camera and Susanna started to pose. After the first couple of pictures, Susanna looked at my friends and said ‘Do you want me to take my bra off now, boys?’ They just mumbled something and Susanna laughed, reached behind her and undid her bra and pulled it off. She sat there with her tits on show and said ‘What do you think, boys, do you like them?’

The nerds were speechless. They just stared at Susanna’s bare tits. She laughed.

A few pictures later, Susanna said ‘I think I ought to take my panties off now, what do you think, guys?’ One of then managed to mumble ‘Oh, yeah, oh yeah, please’.

Susanna pulled her panties down and over the next few pictures, spread her legs wide, showing her pussy off to my camera and my friends. Okay, it was the first pussy that’d they’d ever seen apart from on a computer screen, and the erections in the front of their jeans were obvious. Susanna noticed and laughed.

At the end of that photo-shoot, Susanna said to my‘Okay, you want me to do a striptease video now, don’t you’ and she, totally naked, walked over to one of the nerds, caught hold of his hand and said ‘Come on then, you can come to the changing room with me and help me choose and outfit for the video’ They came back out a few minutes later. I didn’t know what went on in the changing room, but he had a big smile on his face. This is the stripping video that Susanna did, next…..


Susanna Francessca holds her pussy lips open, showing her pink bits off for the guys.

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Susanna Francessca does a very sexy striptease, spreading her legs wide

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After I shot that video of her, Susanna caught hold of the other nerd’s hand and said ‘Come on, it’s your turn to choose the next outfit. I’ve got to do a really naughty strip in the next video’. Five minutes later they came out. Oh, wow, what a sexy outfit she had on. Her tits were out and her pussy on show.

The video is of Susanna Francessca spreading her pussy open. Here it is, guys…..

At the end of me shooting the video, Susanna said ‘Okay, you computer guys always have the latest phones with the best cameras. Do you want some pictures of me like I was in the video?’ They both nodded and got their phone out. Here are the pictures she posed for them….

On the way back home, in my car, I said to my nerdy friends ‘Okay, she took you both into the changing room. Do you care to tell me what went on in there?’

The first guy, Johnny, said ‘Oh it was unbelievable. I mean she was naked, right in front of me and she made me look through lots of her lingerie until I found something that I really liked, you know, stockings and things, then she asked me if I’d ever felt a girl’s boobs before. Well, I was truthful and told her that I hadn’t. She caught hold of my hands, lifted them up and put them on her tits. She said ‘Go on then, have a feel of them. Girls like having men’s hands on their boobs’. It was lovely, hell, they felt amazing’.

The other nerd said ‘It was exactly the same for me when she took me into the changing room. Her tits felt lovely. I couldn’t believe what she was letting me do, but she was looking down at my hands on her tits and smiling’.

If anyone doesn’t think that Susanna Francessca enjoys having her tits felt by strangers, here’s a video of her getting stripped off and having her tits felt….

Susanna Francessca with a nicely shaved pussy, and not shy about showing it

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Susanna is grabed in the street, forcibly stripped and gets her tits groped.

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