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Glamour model Karen White, topless and naked

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Susanna Francessca with a nicely shaved pussy, and not shy about showing it

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The photographer who took these pictures told me that he phoned Susanna up to make a booking for this photo-shoot. During the conversation Susanna said ‘Since you photographed me the last time, I’ve shaved myself, you know, down there, so you can see everything really clearly now. I’m sure you’ll like seeing it. Oh, and are you going to bring some more of your friends along to watch. I liked it the last time you brought those two guys and they stood there watching, with their eyes going all over my body’.

And yes, he did take two more friends along and didn’t they have fun seeing Susanna’s tits and pussy.  He told me ‘Once Susanna has taken her panties off and spread her legs, she said ‘Do you think it looks nicer there, between my legs, with it shaved? You can take some close-up shots of me there, if you like’. Myself and my two friends had a really good look at Susanna’s tits and pussy, that day’.

Towards the end of the photo-shoot, one of my friends said ‘Your tits and your pussy look amazing Susanna, but would you hold your pussy lips open for us?’ Susanna said ‘Well, before we finish I’ve got to do a quick video like that, so you’re going to see me there in a few moments’.

Sure enough, this is the video of Susanna holding her pussy open for the guys…

Just before it was shot, she said ‘Gather round then guys, either side of the camera, you’ll get the best look at me from there’.

She’d walked out of the changing room in a topless basque, with no panties on and did a lovely 2 minute video, spreading her pussy lips wide open and showing her pretty pink bits off to us. At the end of it she said ‘Is that what you wanted to see, guys?’ One of my friends said ‘What a wonderful girl you are, Susanna, showing your pussy off like that for us’. Susanna said ‘It was fun. I’m glad you liked seeing me there. It’s always fun to show it off to guys I’ve only just met’.

As I packed up my camera gear, Susanna just stood there in the topless basque, her tits and pussy on show, talking to  my friends, not caring at all that they were looking at her naked body.


Susanna Francessca holds her pussy lips open, showing her pink bits off for the guys.

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Duration: 1 mins 59 secs