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Glamour model Karen White, topless and naked


Susanna Francessca, always happy to get her tits and pussy out for the camera and some friends of the photographer, who were watching the photo-shoot

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The photographer who took these pictures told me about the photo-shoot went. He said “I photographed Susanna a few times. She always liked me to bring a friend or two to the photo-shoot. She is such an exhibitionist that she just liked her body to be looked at. For these pictures I took two friends with me to her studio in Warwick. She welcomed us in and went to change in the changing room. A few moments later she came out, in a black bra, g-string and stockings. I said ‘No dress or anything, Susanna?’ She said ‘Well there’s no point really, is there. The three of you want to see me naked, so it’s just one more thing to take off’.

I started to take the pictures. After a few, Susanna said to my friends ‘You need to be over there, to the left side of the studio’. One of my friend said ‘Okay, but why?’ Susanna smiled and said ‘You’ll get the best view from there, in just a couple of shots time’. They moved over and sat on the studio floor. Then Susanna hooked her thumbs into her g-string. I took a picture, then Susanna lifted her feet up and pulled her g-string down. One of my friends said ‘Oh wow, that’s nice’. Susanna smiled and said ‘You like what I’m showing you, do you?’, meaning her pussy. They both said ‘Oh hell, yeah’. Then she spread her legs wide to give them a lovely look at her pussy.

A minute later Susanna took her bra off, exposing her lovely tits, then lay back down again with her legs towards them, tits on pussy on show. The other friend said ‘Can I get a quick picture on my phone, please?’ Before I could answer, Susanna said ‘Oh yes’. He got his phone out. You can see in the picture below that Susanna isn’t looking at my camera, but his…

You’ll see in a lot of the pictures, Susanna has her legs spread and towards the left, to give them the best look at her pussy.

For the final picture Susanna turned her back to them and went down on all fours. Her pussy lips opened up a  bit.

My friend with the camera/phone said ‘Do you ever do, well, you know, held-open poses?’, Meaning holding her pussy lips apart. Susanna said ‘If you wait a few moments, I’ve got to do a video doing that. You’ll get a good look at it, I promise you, Ill show you what you want to see’.

And she did the video below a few minutes later, holding her pussy lips wide open. My two friends were stood either side of me, getting a great look at Susanna’s pink bits…..


Another pussy-spreading video from the naughty Susanna Francessca

File size:  10Mb

Duration: 1 min 35 secs

At the end of me shooting the video, one of my friends said ‘Susanna, could I get a picture of you holding it open, on my phone?’ Susanna said ‘Yeah, that’d be fine’.

This is the picture he took of her…….

One of my friends said ‘You look lovely like that, holding it open’. Susanna said ‘I told you you’d get a good look at it, didn’t I’. And she ust stayed like that, holding her pussy lips open, as they looked at it, just letting them have a good look. Then she, a bit reluctantly, let go of her pussy lips. She’d obviously enjoyed showing it off to them.

She said. ‘Look, if you want to book me for a photoshoot, even just with the camera on your phone, I’ll do it. I’ll show you everything that you want to see of me, I don’t mind at all. I’d like to do that’.

Going back home in my car, one of them said ‘Well, that’s not bad at all, is it. We met a girl for the first time today and within 15 minutes she’d taken her g-string off and opened her legs wide to show us her pussy. And that was before she’d taken her bra off. She even told us where to sit to get the best look at it. And she really enjoyed spreading her pussy open for us. What a sexy exhibitionist she is. If she’ll spread her pussy for us, I’m definitely going to do a photo-shoot with her’.

And a month later he did book a photo session with her. And she did spread it all for him. He showed me the pictures. What an amazing sexy girl”.