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Susanna Francessca, always happy to get her tits and pussy out for the camera.

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When I told Susanna on the phone, what I wanted her to wear for this photoshoot, and the video that I wanted of her, she said ‘That sounds good. Are you going to bring some of your friends along to watch? You know that I like an audience when I’m stripping off’. My two friends and I got to her studio 2 days later. Susanna welcomed us in and went into the changing room to put her bra, g-string and stockings on.

She walked out and laughed when she saw my friends looking at her body, open-mouthed. She said ‘You like girls in stockings, then guys, do you?’ Okay, the two of you, go over to the left side of the studio. You’ll get the best look at me from that side, when I take my g-string off’.

…. And this is the moment when Susanna pulled her g-string down, giving them a great look at the full length of her pussy crack….. Then she spread her legs really wide. She said ‘There you are, boys, that’s what you want to see, isn’t it’ They’d only met her 15 minutes before, and there she was, showing them her tits and pussy.

At the end of the photoshoot, Susanna said to my friends ‘Did you both enjoy that?’ They both said ‘Oh, hell, yes, you’ve got a lovely figure’.

Susanna said ‘Well, if you enjoyed that, you’re going to love the video that I’ve got to do now. You’re going to see even more of me, between my legs’.

And this is the video that she did for me, with my friends standing either side, watching as she spread her pussy lips open…..


Susanna Francessca holds her pussy lips open, showing her pink bits off for the guys.

File size:  11Mb

Duration: 1 mins 35 secs

At the end of the video-shoot, one of my friends said ‘Susanna, well, would you let us take a couple of pictures of you, holding it open, on our phones?’ Susanna said ‘Yeah, go on then, that’d be fun’.

Here are the pictures she let them take of her showing them her pink bits…..