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Glamour model Karen White, topless and naked


Sexy Susanna Francessca tits and pussy show.

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The photographer who took these pictures told me that he’d asked Susanna if he could bring a couple of friends along to the photo-shoot, just to watch. Susanna told him that she would love having an audience, so a couple of guys Susanna hadn’t met before just stood there watching as Susanna stripped off and spread her legs wide. She kept glancing at them to make sure their eyes were looking at her tits and pussy.

One of the guys said ‘Your tits are lovely Susanna, really pretty’. She answered ‘Well, I’d rather you called them boobs, but anyway, I’m glad you like them’.

At the end of the photo-shoot Susanna whispered to the photographer ‘It was lovely having your friends watch. Their eyes were going all over my body. I like that. Next time we do a photo-shoot, you can bring two other friends’.

What a sexy girl !!!