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Susanna Francessca shows her tits and spreads her pussy.

(These pictures have been purchased from a person claiming to own the copyright. If that is not correct, please contact me using the email address on the About page)   

Susanna spreads her pussy lips to show you her vagina.

The assistant to the photographer (Johnny R.) who helped to take these pictures told me:

“What a sexy babe Susanna was at the photo-shoot. Johnny asked her if she’d done any held-open pussy work before. She said ‘Not for photographers. I mean, I’ve shown it to boyfriends of course, but don’t worry, I’ll show it to you today. Actually, I really want to. I love the thought of all the men who buy the magazines seeing me there, showing my, well, my pink bits’.

We started the photo-shoot and Susanna couldn’t wait to undress. Within the first three pictures, she’d pulled her dress top down and her bra, so one of her tits was out for us. After another 2 or 3 pictures, she’d pulled her lacy panties down and was showing us her pussy lips. Johnny said ‘That’s a nice pussy-crack you have there Susanna’. She giggled and said ‘I’m glad you like it. Do you think the readers will like it?’ Johnny said ‘Lift your legs up in the air and pull your panties down to your ankles with your legs apart’. She did and he said ‘That’s it. They’ll be masturbating furiously at that pose’. Susanna giggled again and said ‘Oh I hope so’.

A couple of pictures later and Susanna said ‘I’d better show it to you now, hadn’t I’ and she spread her legs wide, put a finger either side of her pussy lips and opened it up for us’. Johnny took the picture, then lowered the camera from his face and looked directly at Susanna’s open pussy. She smiled and kept it held wide open, letting both of us have a good look. Johnny said ‘Are you getting a bit wet there, Susanna’. She said ‘Well, with two good-looking guys looking at my intimate bits, well, yes, it’s exciting for a girl, so probably I am’.

Over the next hour, Susanna got into the most revealing poses, not caring at all that she was showing us the entrance to her vagina. She was having so much fun and didn’t care at all about  how much of her body was showing us - and Johnny’s camera.

The pictures were published in a UK magazine a few months later. I phoned Susanna and left a message on her voicemail, telling her the magazine title.

The next day Susanna phoned me back. She was so excited and happy. She said ‘I went into a newsagent to buy the magazine. It was on the top shelf and there was a man at the display looking through some of the magazines. He picked up the one that I’m in and leafed through it. Oh, I can’t believe it, but he stopped at the pages where my pictures were and had a good look at them. Then he closed the magazine and took it to the counter to pay for it. There were a few copies left so I quickly got the next one and paid for it and took it home.

I absolutely love the pictures. I’m showing such a lot, aren’t I. But I don’t care. I love the thought of thousands and thousands of men buying the magazine and looking at all those very revealing pictures of me. They even published the close-up of me between my legs, with my back to the camera, holding my bits wide and showing my, well, you know.

I hope all the men who bought the magazines got really excited and hard, looking at my body. I bet that guy in the shop, in front of me had a tug on his thinggy, looking at my bits.

If you ever want me to come to London again for another photo-shoot, I’ve love to. I’ll show you even more of my body, well, if that is even possible, but I’d try’.

The best models to work with are the ones who are enthusiastic about exposing their flesh to our cameras, and Susanna Francessca was one of the best ever, not at all shy about flaunting her tits and pussy knowing that many thousands of guys would see her”