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Susanna Francessca shows her lovely body off to guys

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This story and the pictures have been emailed to me by a person who claims the copyright and who has given me permission to publish them. I believe them to own the copyright, but if this is not correct then please contact me here HERE  and I will remove this page. Here is the story:

“I’d photographed Susanna a few times and I came up with an idea about getting my pictures published. It was going to be a theme of ‘panties pulled half down, pussy-flashing, and very slutty poses’. I phoned Susanna and talked it through with her. She was happy to do the photo-shoot and for the pictures to be published. Then I said to her ‘Susanna, I plan on doing the photo-shoot in the back garden of a friend’s place. It’s not overlooked, so no neighbours will see you, but my friend would like to be there, to watch. Is that okay?’ She said ‘Oh yes, I don’t mind at all. I like having an audience as I pose. I don’t mind him seeing me naked, at all’.

I said ‘That’s great. Look, I’ve got two more friends who would love to watch, too. They are about 18 years of age, but have never had girlfriends, so they’ve never seen a girl’s boobs or between a girl’s legs. I think it might boost their confidence if they saw you getting naked in front of them. What do you think?’ Susanna laughed and said ‘Actually, that sounds like good fun. Of course they can watch. I’d really enjoy getting naked for them’.

We arranged a day and my friends couldn’t wait. Eventually the day came and my friends waited for Susanna to arrive. Wen she did, I introduced her to them and she seemed really happy with what  she was going to do. She changed into the clothes that I wanted her to wear and then came out into the back garden. I said to her, look Susanna, you know the theme of what I want, so can we get right down and start with your panties pulled down and your skirt pulled up, please’. Here is the first picture I took. Just look at the smile on Susanna’s face. What a horny, sexy look it is, knowing that two of my friends had never seen a pussy before, and she was showing them hers…..

Here are more pictures from the set, with Susanna flashing her pussy to my camera and to my friends….

After I’d taken the last picture, I thought to myself that I’d got all the pictures I needed for the magazine, but I also knew that my friends, particularly the two virgins, would want to see Susanna naked, so I said ‘Okay Susanna, will you take your blouse and bra off now, please’. She did and looked down at her bare tits, which were partly covered by her long hair. She caught hold of her hair and pushed it back behind her shoulders, so now we were all getting a lovely look at her tits. She said ‘That’s better. That’s what you want to see, isn’t it, boys’.

I glanced at my friends. Their eyes were firmly fied on Susanna’s tits and they all mumbled ‘Oh, hell, yeah, lovely tits’.

Susanna smiled and I clicked the shutter a few times. Then I said ‘Okay Susanna, can you take the skirt and panties off now, please, so you are just in stockings, suspenders and high-heels?’ She didn’t hesitate and sat down on the grass and posed with her legs spread wide, her tits and pussy looking amazing. But, I was determined to let my virgin friends see more of her pussy, so I said ‘Right Susanna, can you lie back on the grass now and lift your legs right up in the air, and open them a bit, please?’

She did and I took some more pictures, then I said ‘Okay, now move your legs wider apart’. It was a pose that I found out before with other girls, tended to open their pussy lips, and it  worked with Susanna. Her pussy lips opened up a bit and her clit and inner flaps were on show. One of my virgin friends said ‘Oh, wow’.

Susanna realised that her pussy had come open a bit and said ‘Oh,I think I’ve come open there. I’m showing a lot, aren’t I?’. I said ‘Yes, a bit, but you look lovely’. I took a few pictures and then Susanna said ‘I can open my legs wider, if you want me to’. All of us said at the same time ‘Yeah, go on then’. She smiled and opeed her legs, sideways, wide apart. That was it, now her pussy lips really opened up and we could see the entrance to her vagina. My two virgin friends were kneeling either side of me, getting a great close look at Susanna’s pussy hole.

One of them said ‘Hell, that’s so pretty, Susanna. Wow, we can see everything. You don’t mind us looking, do you?’

Susanna knew how much she was showing. She said ‘I don’t mind at all. You can look at it. And, there you are boys, that’s where men put their penis up a girl’. We all laughed and Susanna smiled, enjoying having her open pussy admired so much. I’d lowered the camera from my face and I was having a good look at her pussy, too.

I said, I’m just going to move a bit closer to get a close-up of it’. I moved in closer and so did the virgins either side of me. She looked at us and said ‘Oh, I feel so exposed in front of you all, showing everything off to you. But it feels lovely to see your eyes, going all over my body, though, but I do feel really naughty and exposed, showing myself off like this.

Virgin 1, or 2, I can’t remember, said ‘How many guys have been up there?’ Susanna hesitated, then said ‘I’ve lost count. 20 something, I guess. Yes,probably more than 20’. He said ‘What, more than 20 guys have fucked you?’ Susanna said ‘Yeah, what’s wrong with that? I take my clothes off for men to enjoy, so I like to enjoy men’s bodies, too’.

And that was the end of the photo-shoot. After Susanna got dressed, I was paying her the modelling fees. I gave her an extra £50 and said ‘That’s for the biology lesson you gave to my friends’. Susanna laughed and said ‘You know, I really enjoyed today. It was fun showing myself off to them. And I could tell they were loving it by the huge bulges in the front of their jeans’

What a girl !”