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Susanna Francessca shows her lovely body off to guys

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The first few pictures on this page were emailed to me. Many thanks to Jack for sending them. Along with them, he sent this story:

“Two friends and I booked Susanna Francessca for a photo-shoot at her studio in Warwick. We got there and rang the bell at the door at the side of the building. Susanna opened the door and WOW. She had on a tiny low-cut top. Underneath was a little push-up bra that was on show and her tits were bobbling over the top of it. And, yes, she had on a tiny flared mini-skirt and heels. She looked amazing.

She invited us in and she walked up the steps to the studio in front of us. We carried our photo equipment in and as we walked up the steps behind Susanna we could see right up her mini-skirt to see a little pair of black panties between her legs.

We got into the studio and Susanna started to make up coffee. I remember that she preferred tea. I said ‘You look amazing Susanna. That top you’re wearing…. well, only ust wearing…. it shows your boobs off so well’.

Susanna said ‘Thank you. I’m glad you like it. I noticed as soon as I opened the door that your eyes, on all three of you, went straight to my boobs, so I’m glad it had the effect that I hoped it would. And, yes, I know all of you were looking up my skirt as I walked up the steps’, and she giggled.

As we waited or Susanna’s tea to cool down enough for her to drink, she said ‘Do you want to take a few picures of me now while we’re waiting?’ I said ‘Oh yes, definitely. I love that bra. Would you take your top off please so we can have a better look at your boobs’.

Susanna didn’t hesitate. She pulled the top right up and off her, over her head.

Here are the first 6 pictures that we took of her. She was so keen to pull her bra right down and take it off for us. Then she had her tea. She was standing there  in front of us with her tits on show, just in her mini-skirt and heels,  talking to us, not caring that we spent more time looking at her tits than her face.

After that, Susanna gradually got naked and naughty for our cameras. She slowly stripped off, showing more and more of her body for us to photograph.

She loved showing her body off to us. I said ‘You look really pretty there, Susanna, between your legs’. She said ‘Well, all the photographers I’ve ever met have said that I look nice there, but anyway, thank you’.

I said ‘Can you spread your legs as wide as you can, now please?’ Susanna did and her pussy lips came apart a bit. She said ‘Oh, I think I’ve come open a bit down there, haven’t I’. She glanced down between her legs and said ‘Oh, I have. Oh, I don’t care. You’ve been really nice about my figure, so I don’t care how much I show.’

And with that, she opened her legs even wider. Ahh, yes, now it really did come open, with her pretty pink inner flaps on show. We got some great pictures of her tits and pussy.  

She said ‘There you are, boys, that’s what you want to see, isn’t it’. We got some amazing pictures of that sexy girl.” ”