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Glamour model Karen White, topless and naked

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Susanna Francessca group photo-shoot in front of 15 guys

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Group photo-shoots are where a camera club members book a model then they take it in turns to photograph her in, and out of, several different outfits. Some models won’t do them since it means as one photographer is photographing her, the other guys are stood around with their eyes going all over the model’s figure, taking their time to look at her tits and pussy.

Susanna doesn’t have a problem with guys standing around, enjoying the sight of her naked body. Here’s a collection of photographs taken by a camera club, with Susanna getting her tits and pussy out for them.

Susanna doesn’t even know the guy’s names, but she’s happy to get her tit and pussy out to show them anyway. What a fantastic, naughty girl she is.