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Glamour model Karen White, topless and naked


Susanna Francessca, always happy to get her tits out and spread her legs wide

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Here is a true story about the pictures below, sent to me by the person who shot them.

“I’d seen Susanna in a couple of men’s magazines and I really wanted to photograph her, but I always liked to let my friends have some fun with the girls that I’d taken pictures of, so when I phoned Susanna and asked her if she’d do a photo-shoot with me, I said that I wanted  of my friends to be there, too. She said ‘Ohhh, that’d be nice. I like being looked at, as I’m posing’.

The day of the photoshoot arrived. We all got together in one of my friend’s gardens. I explained to Susanna that I wanted pussy-flashing pictures, right from the first one. She wasn’t at all shy and agreed to it, immediately. My four friends were standing, two either side of me and my camera. Susanna looked at a child’s swing, then put her hands up her skirt, pulled her panties down a bit and then sat on the swing and pulled her skirt up. This is the first pictures that I took….

She was showing her pussy slit off to me, my camera and my friends. She had such a sexy look on her face, knowing that her pussy crack was on show. After that first picture, Susanna kept showing us more and more of her pussy. Every few pictures, she’d pull one or other side of her bra down so a tit and nipple would be on show, but it was mainly her pussy slit that she loved to show us. Here are some of the pictures, all of them later published in a men’s magazine…..

One of my friends said ‘’Wow, Susanna, that’s a pretty pussy crack you’ve go there. You really like showing it off to us, don’t you’. Susanna said Yeah, I do. I like men seeing me there, showing it off to you’. She had her skirt up around her waist, her panties pulled down to her stocking-tops, her legs way up in the air and her pussy crack there, right in front of us all.

I’d lowered the camera from my face and I was looking at her pussy lips, as were my 4 friends. Susanna looked at us and said  ‘That’s so sexy, with all of you looking at me between my legs. I love that. Go on, look at me there, I love you all seeing it’.

Once I’d taken enough ‘panties pulled down’ pictures for the men’s magazine, I said to Susanna, ‘Can you take your top, your bra, your skirt and your panties off now, please. I want to get some pictures of you just in your stockings, suspenders and shoes, please’. Susanna said ‘Yes, of course’. A minute later, she was standing there in front of us, tits and pussy on show, just in her high-heels, stockings and suspender belt. Her body looked amazing

One of my friends said ‘That’s nice Susanna. I really like your tits’. She looked at him and said ‘That’s really nice of you. I’m glad you like them’. She was looking at him. He was staring at her bare breasts. She giggled and said ‘You can’t take your eyes off my boobs, can you. That’s really nice’. Well, we were all looking at her tits, and she was loving it.