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Susanna Francessca, always happy to get her tits and pussy out for the camera - and for a couple of guys, who were watching….

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“A couple of my friends came along with me to watch Susanna as she posed for my camera at this photo-shoot. After I’d taken the first three pictures, above, Susanna looked at my friends, then with a very sexy smile on her face, she said to them… ‘Okay guys, you two need to be standing over to the left side of the studio right now’. They looked at Susanna and one of them said ‘Okay, but why?’ Susanna said ‘Because I’m going to be pulling my g-string down and, if you want to have a good look at me between my legs, that’s where you need to be’. They quickly moved to stand where she said, then, as in the second picture below, she lifted her legs up and pulled her g-string down. One of my friends said ‘Wow Susanna, that’s fantastic. You’re showing us the full length of your pussy crack’. Susanna said ‘See, I told you that you’d get a good look at me from there’.  `

Susanna took off her bra and showed them her lovely tits and spread her legs wide open so they could see her pussy, really clearly, right in front of them. Every few seconds Susanna would glance at them, making sure that they were both still looking at her almost naked body.

At the end of the photo-shoot, one of my friends said to Susanna ‘Your body is amazing, Susanna. Do you ever do pictures where you spread your… well, you know…. where you spread your bits open?’

Susanna said ‘You certainly came here to watch on the right day. I’ve got to do a video now, where I spread it open, so you’re going to see a lot more of me than most guys do’.

Here’s the video that she did, holding her pussy lips wide open, right in front of my two friends, the naughty, sexy minx.

She walked out of the changing-room with her tits and pussy bare, just wearing a topless basque, stockings and heels, not caring at all that my two friends had their eyes going all over her body.

Then she did the video, spreading her pussy lips wide apart…….


Susanna Francessca holds her pussy lips open, showing her pink bits off for the guys.

File size:  46Mb

Duration: 1 mins 59 secs

After I’d shot the video, Susanna said ‘Did you like seeing me there, boys?’ One of my friends said ‘So pretty, Susanna, but please, please, can we take a few pictures of you spreading it, on our phones’. Susanna said ‘Of course, I hoped you’d ask’…..

Here are the pictures they took….

At the end of the photo-shoot, as I packed my camera gear up, Susanna stood talking to my friends, not caring a bit that her tits and pussy were still on show, right in front of them. I heard her say to them ‘That was such fun. I really enjoyed you looking at me as I posed’. One of my friends said to her ‘You really like men seeing you naked, don’t you’. She laughed and said ‘You are so right. I love having men seeing my body. I know I’m an exhibitionist, but I don’t care. I love looking at men’s faces and seeing that their eyes are looking at my boobs, or between my legs. Especially, like the two of you, men I’ve only just met’.

What a lovely, sexy girl Susanna Francessca is”.