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This is a true story about Susanna doing a group photo-shoot for Wessex Photographic, which was run by two guys, Chris and Trevor. I’d given Susanna a ride in my car to the event, which was held in the grounds of a large country house in the Midlands area of the UK. The  way the photo-shoots worked was that there would be 6 models and 36 photographers. They were split into 6 groups of 6 guys and they would take it in turn to photograph each model. Once all 6 guys in a group had taken pictures of the model slowly getting naked for them, they would go to work with a different model. So over the whole day, all 36 guys would have pictures of each girl.

Chris and Trevor showed the girls where they could put on some modelling clothes and organised the guys into 6 groups and took them to different parts of the grounds. Then when the models were ready, they took  them to where the different groups of guys were. The pictures below were the sort of thing that they would shoot although these aren’t from that particular day.

Once they were set up I met up with Chris and Trevor and we talked for a few moments. Then Chris said ‘Okay, let’s go round the groups to make sure there aren’t any problems. We’ll go to Susanna’s group first. We walked through the grounds and found the guys. 5 of them were waiting their turn as the other one was photographing Susanna. She’d taken her top and skirt off and she was standing there in black stockings, black high-heels, a tiny black g-string and a black bra.

Trevor said to the nearest guy ‘Is she good’. He said ‘She’s better than good, she’s fantastic’.We watched Susanna posing for a moment, then Trevor said ‘Okay, Chris, shall we go and check on the next group?’ Chris said ‘Aw, let’s wait a while. Susanna will be taking her bra off in a moment and I’d like to see her tits’.

Sure enough, a few seconds later Susanna reached behind her back, unhooked her bra and threw it onto the grass next to her. Well of course, everyone’s eyes immediately looked at her tits. Chris said loudly, ‘Very nice Susanna, very nice indeed’. Immediately all the other guys there said something like ‘Beautiful’, or  ‘Lovely’ or that sort of thing. Susanna smiled and said ‘That’s really nice of you all. I’m glad you like them’. She looked really happy to be standing there with 9 pairs of eyes going all over her tits.

Chris quietly said ‘Let’s wait a bit longer. Now I’ve seen her tits I want to have a look at her pussy’. A minute later Susanna pulled her g-string down and stepped out of it.. The girls were told that they shouldn’t open their legs wide, but Susanna was standing with her feet a bit apart, so her pussy was nicely on show. Chris said ‘Come on Trevor, let’s go and stand a bit behind the photographer so we can get a better look at her pussy’.

They walked and stood either side of him and a bit behind him. Susanna looked at them and smiled. She knew what they were there to see. Just behind where she was standing was a low stone wall. Susanna sat on it and moved her knees apart a little bit. Chris and Trevor watched for a moment then walked back to me. Chris said ‘We’d better move on, but wow, she showed us the full length of her pussy crack. That was nice!!’

As we walked away Trevor said ‘We ought to get Susanna down to our studio and do a men’s magazine photo-shoot of her. I’m seen her in them before so I know she does them. And Chris, you could talk her into holding that pretty pussy open for us. You’re good at talking girls into opening them up for us’.

Chris said ‘That’s a good idea. And we shoot some video of her for Television X, you know, stripping and maybe some spanking too. Let’s talk to her at lunchtime about it’.

At lunchtime I saw them talking to her. She was smiling so maybe she was agreeing to it.

I had a great day, walking round and watching all the girls getting naked. At the end of the day I took Susanna home in my car. She seemed really happy. She said ‘That was a lovely day. I had such fun. You know, 42 men have seen me naked today. There were the 36 photographers, you, Chris and Trevor, then the owner of the place came by and watched for a few moments, then two gardeners came by and pretended to be pulling up weeds until I’d stripped off. I love my job!!’.

I said ‘You really do like men seeing you naked, don’t you!’. Susanna said ‘Oh I love it. It’s always nice when I take my bra off for a photographer for the first time and they look at my boobs. It’s nice to look at a man’s face and see that his eyes are looking down at them. And then later, when I’m naked and I open my legs wide, it’s a lovely sexy feeling to see their eyes go there, between my legs’.

I said ‘Did Chris and Trevor talk to you about doing some work for them?’

She said ‘Yes, they want me to do a men’s magazine shoot for them. The trouble is that these days girls have to do pinky poses, you know, spreading their bits open, to get published. I really miss being in magazines, so I expect I’ll do it.. And I didn’t know, but they shoot a lot of video for the Television X channel. I’d love to be on there. Just think of the thousands of men who would see me stripping naked. I talked to some of the other girls. One had done a photo-shoot and videos for them. They got her to do a spanking video. She said it was a bit of fun, so I’d do that if they want me to. Although she did say that they had a bit of a feel of her, you know, her stocking-tops, that sort of thing’. I said ‘You’d be okay with that, would you, them having a bit of a feel?’

She said ‘Yeah, it’d be okay. Just a bit of a grope, I wouldn’t mind. Just my legs above my stocking-tops and the cheeks of my bottom. That’d be a bit of fun’.

I said ‘Did you open your legs a bit for Chris and Trevor? It looked like it, from where I was, when they were standing with that photographer.’ She said ‘Oh yes, well not just to show it to them. I opened my legs a bit for all the photographers. I know we weren’t supposed to open them much, but the guys were so appreciative. Some of the later groups said that I was the only girl to show them a bit down there. They said that some of the girls kept their legs tight together. I didn’t mind giving them all a little look at it. I mean, it’s fun to give them all a little flash’.

I didn’t see Susanna for a while, but I met up with Trevor a couple of months later. I asked if Susanna had been to their studio. Trevor said ‘Oh yeah. And what a girl. We had a lot of fun with that girl. She didn’t have any problem with spreading those pussy lips apart for us. We didn’t even have to ask, she offered. She said ‘I’d better show you my pink bits now, hadn’t I’ and just opened it up. She’s got a very pretty tight-looking pussy hole, that’s for certain’.

I said ‘Did you do a spanking video of her, too. I think she was looking forward to that?’

Chris and Trevor smiled. Chris said ‘Oh, yeah. We definitely had some fun with her body, didn’t we, Trevor’. Trevor said ‘Hell, yeah. She was okay about us having a good feel, too. What a girl.”

Okay, the videos below aren’t from that photo-shoot, but they do show that Susanna is happy to let guys have a feel of her……


Susanna Francessca getting spanked & fingered in a 3-video compilation.

File size:  50Mb

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Susanna Francessca has her skirt pulled up and the guy gropes her pantyhose.

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Susanna Francessca has her dress pulled up, exposing her legs in pantyhose.

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Susanna is grabbed in the street, forcibly stripped and gets her tits groped.

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