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Susanna Francessca true erotic stories

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This is a true story about Susanna Francessca letting a man masturbate while he was looking at her tits. It was told to me by a friend, well, if he reads this, an ex-friend, since I promised him that I would never repeat it. He was in Portugal with Susanna, doing photo-shoots. He told me…

“We’d hired a car and when it was delivered, we asked the driver if he knew of any really quiet beaches where we could do some pictures in the early morning. He gave us directions to a beach, but told us that if we walked to the end of it, there was a cliff face with, at low tide, an entrance through it to another beach. He said ‘Look, not many people ever go into the second beach. You can get trapped in there if the tide comes in too far, and also there’s a wild man who lives in a cave up at one side of the beach. He’s never attacked anyone, but he’s a bit crazy’.

The follow morning we left really early, found the beach and the entrance through to the second one.

We started to take pictures and Susanna was soon stripped off.  

We took took pictures for about an hour. Then we noticed that the tide was coming in so we had better get back through the gap in the rock face, to the first beach.

Susanna put on a little top and shorts. As we were walking back to the hole, Susanna glanced up at the caves in the rock face. She gasped and said ‘Oh no. There’s that wild man. He must have been watching me. He’s masturbating, looking at me. Oh, his thing is huge. He’s pulling on it like crazy’. As we walked back to the hole in the rock, Susanna was looking up at the wild man, giving me a running commentary on how big the man’s penis was. We got to the hole in the rock face and Susanna said ‘He still hasn’t ejaculated. I’m going to give him something to look at’. She caught hold of her little top at her waist and pulled it right up and off, over her head, so her breasts were out on show. Then she cupped her hands under them and jiggled them up and down.

Then she said ‘Well that’s brought him off. Hell, it’s squirting right up in the air. Oh, he’s certainly enjoying that. Oh, wow, it’s going everywhere’. She was laughing and giggling at the sight of a man masturbating as he looked at her bare breasts. Then she said ‘I think he’s just about finished. Yes, he’s going back into his cave. Come on, we’d better get out of here’.

She slipped her top on and we ducked down and crawled through the gap. The other beach had quite a few people on. As we walked back to the car, I said to Susanna ‘You really enjoyed that, didn’t you’. Susanna hesitated and then said ‘That’s the first time I’ve ever let a man play with himself, looking at my body. At the studio, photographers often ask if they can and I’ve never let even one, but that was fun. I really enjoyed that. Maybe the next time a photographer asked, well, maybe I should let him. Has any other girl let you play with yourself looking at her naked?’ I said that no, that hadn’t happened. Susanna said ‘Would you like to, you know, when we get back to the villa?”