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Susanna Francessca true erotic stories

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This is a  another totally true story about Susanna Francessca stripping in a strip-club in the UK.

“I went to a strip-club in Birmingham, one time. It was fantastic. There was a stage and the strippers would come out and strip naked and spread their leg wide, their tits and pussy on show.

A couple of months later I booked a model called Susanna Francessca at her studio in Warwick. She got naked for me and my camera. She seemed to be a really nice girl. At the end of the photo session I took her for a drink at a nearby bar. We were talking and I said to her ‘You’re a fantastic model. You ought to do some stripping, too’.

She said ‘Oh, I do, in clubs and bars around this area’. I said ‘I went to a fantastic high-class strip club in Birmingham recently. They would love you there’. Susanna said ‘Oh, I’d love to strip in a club like that. Do you know the owner or the manager?’ I said that I didn’t, but that I was going back to do some work in Birmingham the net month, so if she wanted, I could mention her name to them.

Susanna said ‘Well, just telling them about me doesn’t mean they’ll want to give me any work stripping there. What about if you shoot a video of me, if you’ve got a video camera, or if you don’t, I know someone who has. I’ll do a strip and you can show it to the men there. Then, if they like me, I can go there and do a strip for them’.

I didn’t have a good quality video camera, so Susanna got a friend of hers to shoot a stripping video and she sent it to me on a DVD.

The next month I was in Birmingham on business and I went to the club and asked to see the manager. I explained the situation and he said ‘Oh well. You can’t imagine the number of people like you that come in here with videos of girls who want to be strippers. Okay, some are quite good, so come into my office. I’ve got a DVD player in there. I might as well have a look at some random girl getting naked’.

We went into his office and he put the DVD on. After a few moments he said ‘Actually, she’s really good’. On the DVD Susanna stripped and spread her legs wide. The guy said ‘Well, she is really great. Get her here and she can do a proper audition. If she’s that good on the day, yes, she can strip here. I’m impressed’.

I arranged for Susanna to go to the club when I would be in the city. The day came and I collected Susanna from the railway station and took her to the club. She was a bit nervous, but quite calm, too.

We got into the place and were shown into the boss’s office. There was just me,, Susanna and him in there. He was really nice to Susanna and after a few moments of talking, he said ‘Okay Susanna, here’s your chance to impress me. Let me put on some music and you do a strip, okay?’

Oh WOW, Susanna was so good. She’d worn a coat to cover up her stripper outfit for the train journey, but that soon came of and she did the most amazingly sexy strip, right in front of us.

At the end of the strip, all she was wearing was black stockings, a tiny suspender belt, black high-heel shoes and nothing else. She got up on the boss’s desk, facing him and spread her legs wide, wide apart, her tits and pussy really close to him.

She genuinely looked like she was enjoying flaunting her body to him, and I believe she was.

The music ended and she didn’t move. Her tits were on show and her legs were spread wide. I’d walked round to stand to one side of him so I could have a good look at Susanna’s body. Her pussy lips had opened up and her pussy hole was clearly on show.

The guy said ‘Well Susanna, you aren’t a shy girl, are you’. His eyes were going up and down her body and Susanna just sat there, smiling at him and letting him look at her naked body.

He said ‘If girls want to work here, then me, as the boss, get some privileges. So you won’t mind if I just do this….’

He put his right hand on her right knee and moved it slowly up her inner thigh to her stocking-tops. He felt her inner thigh and said ‘Ahhh. Lovely soft flesh there, that’s nice’. Looking at Susanna’s face, she was expecting this. She was still smiling and didn’t seem at all bothered that she was being felt.

Then he said ‘Your tits look nice and firm, but I just ought to check’. He reached up and caught hold of Susanna’s right tit and had a feel of it, squeezing it, then did the same with her left tit.

Susanna just sat there, still smiling. I guess she knew what she had to let him do, to get the work.

After a feel of her, he said ‘Okay girl, you’ve got the job. See my assistant outside and arrange with him when you want to start stripping here’.

We did that and Susanna was really happy that she’s be stripping in the club. On the way back to the railway station I said to her ‘You were expecting him to have a feel of you, weren’t you?’ She said ‘Oh yeah, all the managers expect at least a feel and a grope. If you hadn’t been there I would probably had to do a lot more. I mean, it’s what happens, but the money is so good that I’m okay about it. I mean, it’s not the first time that a man has felt my stocking-tops and my boobs, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Anyway, it was quite nice with his hands on me. He was a good looking guy and I’ve been felt up by lots of uglier guys than him, to get a  job. I’m sure after a few weeks of being there that he’ll invite me into his office and expect a lot more”.

If anyone doesn’t believe such an innocent girl as Susanna would do things like this, then you can download some of the videos where she’s been spanked, fingered, groped and stripped off quite happily, like in these….………

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