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Susanna Francessca true erotic stories

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This is a true story sent to me about a photo-shoot with model Susanna Francessca that a guy called George did, along with Jake, a friend of his. He sent this to me and it’s a lovely, sexy story.

“I’d found an advert for Susanna Francessca and her studio in the back of a photography magazine, Practical Photography, I think. Her studio was in Warwick (UK), not too far away. The problem was that I’d been banned from driving, so I had to ask a friend, Jake, to drive me there. I phoned Susanna and made a booking for a few days later, for her to pose men’s magazine style. That’s where a girl will get naked and pose with their legs wide apart, like in adult men’s magazines.

On the day, Jake drove me to the studio. He said that he’d wait in the car and he’d brought a book to read. He’d parked right opposite Susanna’s studio. I went to the studio door, at the side of the building, and rang the bell. Susanna let me in. Oh, what a beautiful girl she is. The first think I noticed was her thin, low-cut top. It was very obvious she didn’t have a bra on underneath. She invited me in and we went upstairs to her studio. She looked a bit puzzled and said ‘Isn’t that the car you came in, the black one, just opposite?’ I said ‘Yeah, a friend of mine brought me here’. Susanna said ‘Your friend can’t sit out there for two hours, he’ll freeze. Why doesn’t he come in and watch. I won’t mind’.

I said ‘I didn’t think you would allow that. That would be great if he could’. Susanna said ‘Wait here, I’ll go and get him. What’s his name?’ I said ‘It’s Jake’.

Susanna walked down the stairs and across the road, and I saw her lean forward and knock on the side window of the car. (Jake told me later ‘I was sat there reading my book and there was a gentle knock on the side window next to me. I looked out of the window and the very first thing I saw was a pair of tits. She was lent right forward and her little top had opened up so I could see her bare tits and nipples. I looked at them for a moment and then up at her face. She was smiling, knowing what I’d just seen. I opened the window and she told me to follow her up into the studio)’.

Susanna and Jake walked up into the studio and Jake said ‘Really Susanna, are you sure you don’t mind me watching?’ Susanna smiled and said ‘Don’t be silly, I don’t mind at all. It’ll be nice having an audience! And you don’t mind seeing a girl getting naked, do you?’ Jake stammered ‘Oh, it’ll be lovely. Wow. It’ll be great’. Susanna said ‘Well, it’s a men’s magazine open-leg photo-shoot, so you’re going to be seeing a lot of my body. But I’m sure you’ll enjoy it’. She smiled at Jake in such a sexy way. Maybe she liked the thought of him seeing her between her legs.

Susanna turned to me and said ‘Okay George, what would you like me to wear for the first part of the shoot?’ I said ‘You know Susanna, you choose. Wear something you feel really sexy in’. But first, I bought a magazine that you are in, a while ago. ‘Would you mind autographing it for me?’ Susanna smiled and said ‘I’d love to’. I got the magazine out and opened it at the pages where pictures of Susanna are. I said ‘Would you autograph the top left picture, please. The one where you’ve actually got clothes on’. I handed Susanna a pen and the magazine. She put it on a desk and wrote her autograph. She looked at the pictures and said ‘Oh, that’s a naughty one of me, isn’t it’ and she pointed to one of the pictures. It was a picture of Susanna holding her pussy lips wide apart. She didn’t seem to mind at all that Jake and I were looking at a picture of her holding her pussy lips open with all of her pink inner flaps showing. The entrance to her vagina was showing as well. She looked at the picture and said ‘Aren’t I a naughty girl’.

I’d used professional studio lights before and when Susanna was changing, I set my camera up and took a light-reading. Jake found a chair and put it so that he’d be having a good look at Susanna as she posed. A minute later Susanna came out of the changing room. I looked at her and said ‘Amazing. You look so, so sexy, Susanna’. Jake stared at Susanna and said ‘Oh, WOW’. Susanna smiled and said ‘I thought you’d like this outfit’. I think the best way to describe it was as a naughty college girl. She had on a white blouse, knotted at the front, a short black skirt, sheer black stockings and really high-heel shoes. She said ‘Wait until you see what I’m wearing underneath. I’m certain you’ll like it’.

Susanna started to pose and I took the first picture. Then she pulled her skirt up above her stocking-tops on one side. I took another couple of pictures, then Susanna turned her back to us and bend forward, looking back at the camera over her shoulder. Her skirt had ridden up at the back and I got a lovely shot of her showing her stocking-tops and the cheeks of her bottom. Then she turned to face us again and unbuttoned a few more buttons on the front of her blouse. I couldn’t believe what she had on underneath. It was a red and black basque, but with no cups to the top of it, so her tits were showing. She held her blouse open a bit so most of her tits were on show. I took a picture then she pulled her blouse wide open so her tits were fully on show.

Jake said ‘Wow, lovely tits, Susanna’. Susanna smiled and said ‘I’m glad you like them, although I’d rather you called them boobs’.  I’d lowered the camera from my face and Jake and I just looked at Susanna’s tits. She was smiling as she looked at our faces. I said ‘Sorry Susanna, we’re staring at your boobs, aren’t we, but they are so, so pretty’. Susanna laughed and said ‘I don’t mind you staring at them at all if you think they are pretty. I like you both looking at them’.

Jake said ‘Your nipples are getting more and more erect, Susanna’. She smiled and said ‘That’s because they like being stared at’.

So, there was this lovely girl who we’d only met for the first time 20  minutes ago, and she was standing there, enjoying us staring at her bare tits.

I got back to taking pictures and a few shots later, her blouse was off completely and so was her skirt. Then she turned her back to us again, bent forward and looked back over her shoulder at the camera, hooked her thumb in the waist of her panties, and pulled them down a bit. I took a picture, then she pulled them down even further. Now she was showing us her pussy between her legs. I quickly took a picture and then she pulled her panties right down to her shoes, bending right forward with her legs astride so that her pussy was really showing. I quickly got a picture of that pose.

Jake said ‘Wow, that’s pretty as well’. Susanna laughed and said ‘Well Jake, I’ve given you something else to stare at apart from my boobs, haven’t I’.

Then Susanna said ‘I can show you more if I sit on the studio floor’ and she did, opening her legs up quite wide, so I could get more pussy shots. Her legs looked amazing in those sheer black stockings and her tits looked amazing, too. Susanna said ‘Are you enjoying the show, Jake?’

Jake said ‘Your boobs and your pussy look amazing, Susanna, so, so pretty’.

Susanna said ‘That’s nice of you. I like it with you sat there looking at my body. It makes me feel so sexy to glance across at you and see that your eyes are going all over my naked body’.

After a few more pictures, Susanna now had her legs quite wide apart. Her pussy lips had opened up just a little bit and there were nice glimpses of her pink skin bits showing between them.

I said ‘Susanna, would you mind if I moved a lot closer and took a close-up picture of you between your legs? The zoom lens on this camera isn’t the best and the quality of the picture will be a lot better if I move close’. Susanna said ‘Oh that’s fine. I don’t mind at all. Get as close as you need to’. I got really low so that my face and my camera was between where her wide apart feet were. I lifted the camera to my face and, oh yes, there was Susanna’s creamy white thighs and pussy, just about filling the frame. I took a picture and said ‘Can you open your legs any wider, Susanna’. She said ‘Yes, of course, and Jake, if you want to get closer to see me better, I don’t mind at all?’ That was so sexy of her to do that. She didn’t have to offer that, but she did so I heard Jake get out of his chair and kneel down next to me.

Susanna said ‘You are lucky. I really feel like showing myself off, today. I don’t know why, but I feel in a really sexy mood’ and she spread her legs even wider. Well, that was it. Her pussy opened up and I could see her pink bits between her pussy lips. Her pink clitoris was showing and it was a lovely sight. I quickly took a picture in case she didn’t realise how much she was showing and closed her legs, but she didn’t. Jake said ‘Oh, wow’.

Susanna said ‘I think I might have opened up down there a bit. Have I? I don’t mind you seeing it if I have. I never show that much to photographers any more, but, well, you’ve seen it all in the magazine pictures anyway and you’ve been so nice about saying that you think my body is pretty that I feel like letting you see everything. I never do this, but, well, here you are’.

I couldn’t believe what Susanna did next. She was sitting on the studio floor, but now she lay back so that her upper body was supported on her elbows which made it easier for her to spread her legs even wider apart. And she did. She said ‘Is that better? Does that show a bit more?’ And, her pussy lips opened up even more. I quickly took a picture, a close-up of her pussy, then I moved back a bit and got a full-length picture of this beautiful girl, showing so much. Jake said ‘Wow Susanna, that’s some really pretty pink skin that you’re showing’.

Then Susanna said, in a really husky voice ‘I can open my legs a bit wider, if you want me to. I can’t believe I’m showing you this much, but you’ve seen the pictures of me in the magazine, and anyway, I feel in such a sexy mood today and I like the thought of how much I’m showing you’.

I said ‘Oh yes please’. And she did, and her pussy lips came even more open, and I took a lovely picture of her pink clitoris. There was even a little glimpse of the entrance to her vagina. I took picture after picture of Susanna Francessa’s open pussy.

So there was this beautiful, innocent-looking girl, who was anything but shy and innocent in fact, showing off her tits and open pussy to us, and smiling and enjoying herself. Jake said ‘You look so pretty there between your legs Susanna. Really pretty’. I’d lowered my camera from my face and Jake and I were getting a really, good, close look at Susanna’s pink-skin bits between her pussy lips. Susanna smiled and said ‘Good. I’m glad you like it. I like you both seeing me there’.

Her pussy was open now and looked really wet. Her clitoris was showing and we could definitely see the entrance to her vagina. I quickly took another 4 or 5 pictures, some close-ups of her open, wet pussy and some that showed her pussy, her tits and her face, too.

I said ‘Don’t worry, only Jake and I will ever see the pictures. We won’t show them to anyone else’. Susanna replied ‘Oh no. Show them to your friends. I really want you to. Show them to as many people as you like. I love the thought of men seeing pictures of me. Do any of them have cameras? They might book me for a photo-shoot. I’ll show them a lot, I promise’.

Eventually the photo-shoot ended and I paid Susanna, and we left.

And, we did send the pictures to our friends, as she wanted us to. And they sent them to their friends, and so on. There must be several thousand of our friends and their friends, now, who’ve enjoyed the sight of Susanna Francessca’s tits and vagina.

What a wonderful, sexy girl Susanna is”