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Glamour model Karen White, topless and naked

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British glamour model Karen White, topless and naked in free pictures and videos

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I have purchased the rights to all of the videos and pictures on this website, apart from the ones that have kindly been submitted for inclusion.  Much of the content was produced directly for my use on  a website in Japan that I used to run. The majority of the content has been purchased from Dave E., Carl, Ian N. and Simon L., or are published with the kind permission of the owners. However, some of the copyright owners were not able to poduce proof of ownership, so if there are any problems, please email me on the email address HERE  proving other ownership of copyright and I will remove the content.

The purpose of this website is to allow men around the world to enjoy the sight of the naked bodies of girls featured here, now that the Japanese site that I used to run has ceased operation. These girls all love showing their bodies off for men to enjoy and I hope you enjoy the sight of their nakedness as much as I do.

The girls chosen for inclusion on this site are the sexiest, naughtiest and most exhibitionist of all the ones who were originally featured on my Jaapanese site.

Susanna Franessca. As well as being a glamour model, Susanna was also a stripper, stripping and strutting on stages in large and small strip clubs in the Midlands area of the UK. She would strip then spread her legs wide open to give all the guys in the first few rows of the audience a great look at her tits and pussy. On one of the Pictures pages of her, HERE, you can read the true story about the first time she spread her pussy lips apart for a photographer. It’s so, so sexy. And there are the pictures from the photo-shoot on that page, too.

If you’d like to read another true story about how much Susanna is an exhibitionist, you can go to the page by clicking HERE.

Susana Francessca did some spanking and groping videos, like the ones below.

As Susanna once told a friend of mine ‘If men think my boobs are nice, then yes, I like them looking at them’

As for Melanie Walsh - and this is a true story, I was in Lanzerote in The Canary Isles, some years ago and I noticed a night club of some sort down some steps. I went in and got a drink at the bar. Then I saw Melanie Walsh at the other side of the club. I talked to the barman and asked if it really was Mel. He told me it was and that for 20 Euros, she’d do a lap-dance for me.

He beckoned Melanie over and she led me to a roped-off area, sat me down and started to gyrate in such a sexy manner, right in front of me. Pretty soon she took her top and bra off, and there were those lovely breasts that I had enjoyed so much on Page 3, bare, right in front of me. Melanie moved them so, so close in front of my face. Then she took her skirt off. Underneath she had on an almost completely transparent white g-string. She said ‘Sorry, but the club rules mean I can’t take this off for you’, then she lifted one foot up and put it on the seat, beside my knees.

The g-string material between her legs was so thin and transparent, that her pussy lips were totally visible through it. I said ‘That’s no problem, I can see everything between your legs through the material anyway’. Melanie laughed and said ‘Good. The club makes these stupid rules to say that I can’t take my g-string off, so I bought some transparent ones to give all the boys a good show’.

That certainly sounds like an exhibitionist to me!!!

Here are some pictures of Karen White, with text about her being an exhibitionist…

Kevin Graves.


Susanna Francessca getting spanked in a lovely 3-video compilation.

File size:  50Mb

Duration: 4 mins 09 secs


Susanna Francessca has her skirt pulled up and the guy gropes her pantyhose.

File size:  11Mb

Duration: 1 mins 16 secs


Susanna Francessca has her dress pulled up, exposing her legs in pantyhose.

File size:  11Mb

Duration: 0 mins 46 secs


Susanna is grabed in the street, forcibly stripped and gets her tits groped.

File size:  19Mb

Duration: 0 mins 45 secs